55+ Amazing Birthday Card Ideas (2021)

55+ Amazing Birthday Card Ideas (2021) main article image
Posted on September 17, 2021 by Wendy Boulay


How many times have we all stood in the stationary aisle at a big box store…staring endlessly at dozens of birthday cards that just don’t seem to get the right message across?

Save your time (and headaches) by making your own DIY cards! Check out some of these birthday card ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing! 

Table of Contents: Birthday Card Ideas

  1. Amazing Birthday Card Design Ideas
    1. Birthday Card Designs for Younger Children
    2. Birthday Card Designs for Dad
    3. Birthday Card Designs for Mom
    4. Birthday Card Designs for Older Kids
    5. Birthday Card Designs for Sisters
    6. Birthday Card Designs for Brothers
    7. Birthday Card Designs for Couples
    8. Birthday Card Designs for Best Friends & BFFs
    9. Birthday Card Designs for Grandma & Grandpa
  2. Types of DIY Birthday Cards
  3. Supplies
  4. Products to Get You Started
  5. FAQ

Amazing Birthday Card Design Ideas

Birthday Card Designs for Younger Children

Happy Birthday Photo Card

Almost every child that I have ever given a birthday card to (including my own kids) quickly tosses the card aside, eager to get to the gift! These card design ideas are sure to add to their excitement, and they might even get as much joy from the card as they do from the gift! (okay…maybe that’s pushing it 😉😂)

  1. Add a Photo: A bright and colorful design that allows you to add a special photo of yourself and your littles!  
  2. Happy Birthday Birdie: An adorable little bird design that’s perfect for kids!
  3. First Birthday Mermaid: For all of the little mermaids in your life! Make a little girl feel extra special on her special day!
  4. Dinosaur Bundle:  With 26 png images, this bundle most definitely has something that every dino lover would like. 
  5. Cool Shades Birthday Boy: Make a “cool” card for a super cool boy! 
  6. Birthday Princess: This graphic is a must-have for little princesses!
  7. Level Up: Absolutely perfect for video gamers!

Birthday Card Designs for Dad

birthday dude design on a t-shirt

  1. Happy Birthday Dad:Wow” dad this year with a flashy graphic!
  2. Dad with Kids Graphic: Perfect for both dad’s birthday, as well as Father’s day!
  3. Birthday Dude: Tell your father that he’s still a “cool dude” this birthday!
  4. Trophy Dad:  Remind dad he is your #1 this year! This file is ready to cut!
  5. Doodles for Dad: Adorable little doodles to add to your birthday card for dad!

Birthday Card Designs for Mom

nutrition label design

  1. Happy Birthday Mom: An elegant design that can add the perfect touch to your birthday card for mom!
  2. Nutrition Label: This unique design is sure to give a few giggles for mom this year.
  3. Birth Flowers: No matter which month your mother celebrates her birthday, this collection of birth flowers is the perfect bundle to have for many different occasions.
  4. Birthday Queen: Make mom feel extra special by making her queen for a day!
  5. Girl’s Trip: Take mom on a girl’s trip for her birthday and commemorate the occasion with matching cards and shirts!

Birthday Card Designs for Older Kids

taco bout my birthday graphic

  1. Taco Bout: This “Let’s taco bout my birthday” graphic is sure to bring about some smiles on their special day!
  2. Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Turn their birthday card into a fun activity that they can do with friends.
  3. 12 & Fabulous: Use some glitter cardstock to create this sparkly design on a card!
  4. Cheers Girl and Cheers Boy: Use these graphics to create a toasting birthday card for the older, young adults (legal drinking age of course 😊)
  5. Birthday Slay: What better day to slay than your birthday?

Birthday Card Designs for Sisters

Birthella Font

    1. Amazing Sister: Tell your sister just how special she is with this “Amazing” graphic.
    2. Family Event: Get the whole family involved by creating some name cards for the party table!
    3. Brother & Sister: Create some name tags to wear and make your sister feel even more special on her day!
    4. Birthella Font: This font is a must-have for creating birthday cards with flair!
    5. Birthday Mermaid: This mermaid graphic can really pop on glitter cardstock!
    6. Hipster Card: Make your sister a hipster-themed birthday card. Complete with flashy, retro colors!

Birthday Card Designs for Brothers

my brother's birthday graphic

  1. Sister & Brother: Create some name tags for your brother that you can wear.
  2. Gift Boxes: Add a little charm to your brother’s birthday card with these clipart gift boxes!
  3. Let’s Glow: Make a bright neon birthday card for your brother. Tip: use some black cardstock to make the colors really glow!
  4. It’s My Brother’s Birthday: Show your brother how excited you are about his special day!
  5. Holla: Give your brother a “holla” this year! Perfect to make a ‘90’s themed birthday card.

Birthday Card Designs for Couples

cute mouse couple

  1. The World: Tell your girlfriend just how special she is with a home-crafted card embellished with this design.
  2. Best Boyfriend Ever: Add this simple design to your birthday greetings. Tip: Make the crown with gold vinyl to really make it pop!
  3. Retro Silhouette: Make your loved one a birthday card with a retro vibe! Tip: Slice out the silhouette and apply the design on holographic cardstock for an amazing holo effect!
  4. Funny Couples: This one is guaranteed to bring some laughs!
  5. Squeak Hearts: Adorable little design that would look lovely on textured cardstock.

Birthday Card Designs for Best Friends & BFFs

dirty 30 birthday design

  1. Dirty 30: Celebrate your BFF’s 30th with this bold graphic!
  2. Birthday Girl Party: Throwing your bestie a party? These designs are the perfect addition to your celebration.
  3. Lockdown Birthday: Even though lockdowns are still happening, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your best friend’s special day!
  4. Vintage: With this graphic, you can make a birthday card that looks like the year that your BFF was born. 

Birthday Card Designs for Grandma & Grandpa

60th birthday design

  1. Best of 1950: Take your grandparents on a walk down memory lane with a cassette birthday card commemorating their birth year.
  2. 50 AF: Celebrate your grandmother’s youthful spirit with this 50 AF Squad graphic!
  3. 60th SVG: This stunning cut file would be a gorgeous embellishment on a textured card. Tip: adhere it with small pieces of double-sided foam tape to create a 3D effect!
  4. Happy 90th: Turning 90 is a huge milestone and definitely one worth celebrating!

Types of DIY Birthday Cards

junk mail diy card

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what types of cards you can make with your Cricut. You are only limited by your imagination – but sometimes we need a little inspirational “nudge” to get our creativity rolling! 

Pull tab slider cards

  • Pull Tab Slider Cards: This tutorial from Zeldi Smulders shows you how to easily make a slider card that is sure to “wow” your loved ones!

pop-up birthday cards

  • Pop-Up Cards: Ellen Woolf masterfully lays out the steps to make your own pop-up birthday card that both kids and adults will enjoy!

recycled birthday cards

  • Recycled Cards: This is the perfect card for the environmentalist in your life. Check out how Julie Richards makes a gorgeous birthday card from junk mail!

lock cards

  • Lock Cards: Once again, Zeldi shows us three different ways to easily make lock cards. Kids will love this one too!

funny birthday card ideas

  • Funny Birthday Cards: Fernanda Rafagnin offers up some examples of funny birthday cards to give to your loved ones. Make these or use them as inspiration to create your own…Just remember to keep them age-appropriate 😉

cut-out card ideas

  • Cut-out Card: Kami Gocool teaches how to make a very pretty cutout card for Dad that can easily be changed for anyone in your life!


When it comes to making handmade birthday cards, there are definitely a few supplies you will want to have in your toolbox to get you started:

  • Paper or cardstock: There are various types and qualities that you can purchase, but I would recommend using plain cardstock or copy paper if you are just starting out.
  • Cutting tools: You will want to have some sharp scissors on hand. A  craft knife and paper trimmer are also very helpful.
  • Rulers: I recommend using a cutting ruler if you have one. They offer added weight and durability making slicing so much easier.
  • Embellishments: Beads, gemstones, rhinestones, sequins, dried flowers, etc are all things that you can use on your homemade cards.

card making supplies

  • Glue: A good quality glue, such as Mod Podge, is perfect.
  • Digital Products: While digital graphics and designs are not absolutely necessary when card making, in my opinion, they should be! Haha Unless you are a graphic artist, you will want some fonts, designs, and cut files for your cards. Creative Fabrica has the best selection I have found.

To get you a little more acquainted with DIY greeting cards, check out “Card Making for Beginners: What You’ll Need to Start” by Zeldi Smulders.

Products to Get You Started

To get the ball rolling, here are a few digital products that are perfect for making your handmade cards.

All Fonts: A list of over 68K fonts!

Free Fonts: All of these fonts are licensed for commercial use!

Birthday Card Fonts: These fonts were specifically chosen for their use in card making.

Birthday Card SVGs: Check out over 140 SVG designs for making birthday cards!

Happy Birthday Card SVGs: All of these contain the traditional “Happy Birthday” phrase.

Subscribe to Creative Fabrica: A subscription gives you access to over 62,000 fonts – and new ones are added daily. Commercial licenses included!

creative fabrica subscription


Not sure how to use your new fonts? These mini-guides can help!

Wishing you well on your card-making journey! Have fun and stay creative! 

Check out some of my other tutorials over at my author’s page at The Artistry!

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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Nice article! These are some great ideas for birthday cards. Thank you for mentioning some of my articles. 😊

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Wendy Boulay

September 21, 2021


Thank you! Your projects are so lovely and fun to make!

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