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Chalked Signboard Card with Creative Fabrica

Chalked Signboard Card with Creative Fabrica main article image
Posted on August 12, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Once again, the reason to make cards for the month of August are numerous!  Birthdays, anniversaries, just because, and more.  This quick and easy signboard easel card makes card giving easy – cut multiple bases using your cutting machine. Print the chalkboard with a favorite quote from the ever-growing collection available at Creative Fabrica or create one of your own using fonts you have in your font folder.  The options are endless!

Most importantly, have fun!

Since the first of this month is filled with special dates, we created this Anniversary card in multiples.  We’re hoping that the recipients will enjoy the sentiment.  We chose to use the SVG version to allow us to change the design to white in the SCAL5 software.

Digital Files You Need: 

Happy Anniversary – A true love story never ends

Signboard / Easel Base File (Free!)

You’ll Also Need:

  • Electronic Cutting Machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL5 Pro were used)
  • Light Brown Kraft Cardstock
  • Wood grain embossing folder
  • Embossing machine and needed platforms (Sizzix Big Kick was used)
  • Glue, double stick tape, glue dot
  • Printer
  • White cardstock
  • Black cardstock (if using vinyl)
  • Chalk
  • Twine or fiber (optional)

Let’s Start Creating Our Card:

Download and open the signboard easel card file.  The cuts for the base of the card will fit on a 6 x 12-inch strip of paper.  There is little waste.  Following the directions for cutting on your machine and software, cut the pieces for the card.  The dotted lines at the center fold are for scoring.

Once these pieces are cut, emboss the four smaller strips using a wood grain embossing folder or texture plate – ink if desired for a little more texture.  Set these pieces aside for the moment.

Create a square using the square shape in the SCAL library.  Size it to 3.25 x 3.25 inches.  Open the sentiment/quote file you have chosen for your card.  We used the SVG version so we could change the color to white since we were using a black background for our “signboard.”

NOTE:  If you want to use vinyl that is an option as well.

Once the image from the quote is sized correctly and you have left a generous margin around the edges, make sure that the quote is set to print and the square has been filled with BLACK and is set to cut. Tip: Check the Preview Option to ensure the correct settings. 

Print the square.  Some printers use a large amount of ink to fill in the black.  If yours is like mine, set it aside and let dry for a couple of hours so the ink can be absorbed into the fibers of the paper and won’t smear.

You can print and cut any mini flags, banners, and such using a favorite digital background paper collection or patterned paper.  The pieces used were cut previously for another easel card.  The flags and banners would look great in brights and pastels.  In my case, the recipients of this card prefer more earthy tones.  Thus, the muted tones for the pieces on this card.

Now That You Have All Your Pieces Ready, Let’s Begin the Assembly:

Rub a piece of chalk on the front of the black-printed square.  Using a paper towel or tissue, remove the excess chalk.  There will be a light coating of chalk on the paper.  The edges of this piece will not be seen, however, you can ink the edges for a more finished look if desired.  It was done for this card

Fold the signboard easel in half along the score lines for a top fold card.

Choose either side of your signboard for your front.  Center and adhere the black chalked piece to the front of the card.  Leave a small margin at the top and bottom.  You don’t want the embossed pieces to cover up any of the image.

If you haven’t inked the decorative pieces for the easel, do it now, if desired.  Adhere the longer embossed pieces to the sides.  Leave a small margin along the outer edge if desired.  Adhere the smaller pieces to the front and bottom edge of the easel.  The smaller pieces can extend slightly above or below if you need a little more leeway for the margin of your design.

Add any additional embellishments.  Flags, banners, flowers, twine, etc. using tape, foam tape, or glue dots to adhere.

Personalized sentiments can be added to the inside of the card or on the back.

If you prefer, use the signboard easel card as a décor piece.  No sentiment is needed.  A fun addition to this would be to use chalk pens, paints, or gel pens for a little more color.

There Are Lots of Ideas on How to Use These.  Here Are a Few More:

Resize the “chalkboard” square to about 3 x 2.75.  You can create a monthly tear-away printed and personalized calendar and adhere the stacked pages to the front of the signboard, centered between the embossed and inked pieces. 2023 calendars will be showing up in the files at Creative Fabrica soon!  Add a water-colored background or photo image to make it your own.

Consider a tear-away stack of quotes and staple them to the front of the signboard after adding the embossed pieces to the front of the signboard.

Use some of your favorite photos to celebrate special events to share with friends or family.

Make several signboards for a display perfect for a birthday party or even some wedding or milestone anniversary table decor. Place the photos on the front and back of the signboards.  Add a second set of embossed pieces and embellishments so both sides of the signboards can be viewed.

Gift a signboard with several blank “chalkboards” – and add a set of chalk pens or gel pens for the recipient to create their own signs.  Add some removable/repositionable glue dots for the recipient to adhere the self-designed “chalkboard” to the signboard.  Remove and replace as desired.

If you have been inspired to create your own signboard, we invite you to tag us:  @creativefabrica #nurtureyrheart.  For more inspiration, please visit Jan’s page here at The Artistry or her blog.

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1X Added to favorites

Bernice Block

August 17, 2022

That sign is so thoughtful and well thought out, I am sure it will be very popular.

Jan Hunter's profile picture
Jan Hunter

August 17, 2022


thank you so much.

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