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Create Your Own Cards With Felt That Are Amazing To Touch

Create Your Own Cards With Felt That Are Amazing To Touch main article image
Posted on March 13, 2021 by Nikki Nikolova

Making cards can be an art without limitations, since you can do anything you can imagine on it. In this article you will see how you can add a fluffy element to it, so that you introduce a next level of effect to the card. This way you can make something that is not only nice to look at, but also to touch. And the best part? It is not complicated at all.

What you will need

  • A stack of different colors of felt
  • Scissors
  • Stack of color papers (for the base of the card)
  • Color markers or pens (for extra decorations)
  • Glue or Tape
  • Some funny buttons (particularly one heart-shaped)
  • Paper Knife (one that you feel comfortable with)
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • EVA foam sheets (I have 3 mm)

Here I want to point out that the thickness of the felt is completely up to you. I personally like to use one that is at least 2mm thick, as it provides a bigger effect, however the ideas that I will show you will work with everything. You can even go and use multiple different types for even more interesting results!

Another important point is cutting. Depending on the thickness you have chosen, the felt can be tricky to cut. I advise you to always make sure that your scissors are sharp, you can also try your luck with a knife (just make sure to be careful and use the cutting mat).

When it comes to sticking the felt to the paper, you are free to use what you have in hand – it would work equally well with a glue gun, tape or any other way you find useful. Just make sure to use enough, so that every piece is stuck in its spot.

Last, but not least, the base of the card is entirely up to you to choose. You can use a neutral white carton or go with a colored paper, depending on what fits your idea.

And don’t forget that you can always add extra things to your final card with markers, glitter or anything that comes to mind.

How to make it


Given how nice felt can be to touch, one of the first ideas of what you can make with it is an animal, such as the bunny I have made. For this you will need a few pieces felt – gray for the body and light & dark pink for the tale. I am not specifying sizes, as it is entirely up to you how big you want your card to be. Make sure to first draw the outlines of the shape on the felt (or print an outline that you found and you like). To be more interesting I would suggest making the ears, head and body from different pieces. After that from the two pink felts cut two hearts – one smaller and one bigger, which will work as a tail.

Prepare your card base – I will be using thick pink cardboard, but you can choose any color. Position the bunny at the spot of your choosing and when you are happy, it is time to stick it. And there you have it – one fluffy bunny that you can even pet. If you want, you can use markers to add some extra decorations to the background of the card.

Note that you can do this with any animal – you only need to get the outline of your desired shape, so that you can cut it to size.


As felt adds this extra effect to your cards, you can use it as a way to emphasize your message. An example would be “You are so CUTE”, where the letters of “cute” are cut from different colors of felt. Take two pieces of felt – one red and one white, and a red heart-shaped button. Cut the shapes of the letters of your choice (I will be making L-O-V-E ) and one square & one triangle to form a letter. 

When you have the pieces, place them on the card and stick them properly. 

And there you have it – another really quick, but at the same time cool card.

If you decide to work with letters, I would advise you not to choose a very complex font type. If you want the letters to be small, it can be challenging to cut the felt (depending on the type it can start to unravel if cut too small). So, if you want to use a very fancy type of writing, make sure to make the letter size bigger.  


Given that spring is right around the corner, another nice idea is to make a flower-themed card. The approach is the same as with the bunny – choose your outline and colors, cut the shapes and make your arrangement on the card. As it is about flowers, it is always nice to use more bright and diverse colors,  also varying in shapes.

To be able to achieve a nice effect, it is best to make multiple layers. Choose 3 to 4 colors, which complement each other. Use the darkest one to make the first flower outline. After that with every next color make the shape smaller, so that in the end you can have an effect of multiple layers. This way your card will have different levels of thickness.

Other Ideas

If you want to take your felt card to the next level, you can add an extra element by sewing your element. For example you can make a felt cloud, which you make sure to fill in with cotton or another stuffing before you attach it to the card (do keep in mind the maximum thickness a card can have). It would take a bit more work, seeing as you need to not only cut the shapes, but also nicely stuff and stitch them. However, the final result is a card, that you can even squeeze and what could be better than that?

Using EVA

An alternative to felt would be EVA Foam sheets. They can be very colorful and sometimes easier to find. Not only that, but such material is much easier to cut due to its inner structure and is nicely thick (so you can achieve an even bigger depth effect).


You can make a nice balloon card using EVA foam. What you will need for this is a wide variety of colors (I prefer to use multi-color, however you can also make it with a monochrome palette).  

Choose the shape of your balloons (either from a template or draw it yourself) and make an outline you can easily use. After that cut two (or more) balloon shapes from each color you have. Unlike with the felt, here the material is easily cut using a paper knife. You can just draw the form on top of the foam sheet and trace it with the knife until you are through. Make sure to cut on top of the cutting mat, so that you do not damage the surface of the table or desk you are working on. 

When you have all the shapes, arrange them on your card base in the shape you want. Once you like the arrangement make sure to stick them to the paper.

Next take a black marker and draw the balloon strings. 

Finally, you can add some text to make the card personal.

Have fun crafting and creating (:

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Such a great idea! It's definitely a great way to add a unique touch to your card!

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