How to Make a Pull Tab Slider Birthday Card

How to Make a Pull Tab Slider Birthday Card main article image
Posted on March 13, 2021 by Zeldi Smulders

Everyone deserves some cake on their birthday! Celebrate this special day with an interactive card that has a fun pull tab slider feature that reveals a happy slice of cake when it is pulled. The receiver is motivated to pull the tab with the message “HAVE A SLICE”, and a cute design saying “life’s too short to say no to cake” is there to support the theme.

If there is a time to make a card a little bit more playful, it is on a birthday. Likewise, if you know someone who thinks cards are boring then this funky card might just be what you need to prove them otherwise!

Watch the video to see how the final product works:

You will need:

  • 2x rectangles of 13 cm x 18 cm each
  • 1x rectangle of 11 cm x 16 cm
  • 1x cake design printed out
  • 1x cake slice design printed out
  • 1x cake saying design printed out
  • A call-to-action word/phrase printed out
  • A birthday greeting printed out
  • 1x border of 13 cm x 1 cm
  • 1x border of 17 cm x 1 cm
  • A strip of paper of 23 cm x 2 cm
  • A ruler
  • A small pair of scissors
  • A craft knife
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Foam tape
  • A brown ink pad
  • A brown pencil

Tip: The graphics for this card were printed on semi-gloss paper. It is always a good idea to print extra just in case something happens to some of the pieces. Use strong and durable paper for this card to make it last longer!

Supplies used to make card

The graphics and font used on this card can be found on Creative Fabrica:

Fonts used:

The Sweet Lover font was used for the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and “HAVE A SLICE” phrases.

Graphics used:

Happy Birthday Festive Cake with Candles

Blueberry Cake with Chocolate Kawaii

Life’s Too Short to Say No to Cake

Steps to Take:

  1. Gather everything you will need (refer to the section above).
  2. Stick the smaller rectangle to one of the bigger rectangles, leaving a 1 cm border all around.
  3. Cut out the gap for the sliding element using a die-cut machine or a craft knife. The slit is 7 cm long and wide enough to fit the foam tape you will be adding (0.75 cm in this case). It should be 1.5 cm away from the right-hand side of the card and in the middle of the card lengthwise.
    Tip: If you make any marks on the card to get the measurements right or do some planning, do it on the back side of the card because this side will be covered up at the end.
  4. Take the long strip of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. This will be used as the pull tab.Slit cut out and paper strip folded
  5. Stick the foam tape 2.5 cm from the left edge of the folded strip of paper, leaving a bit of space at the top and bottom of the strip. The four foam tape blocks add up to 2 cm x 0.5 cm when they are placed next to each other. Use enough foam tape to make a strong sliding element.Foam tape on the pull tab
  6. Put the left half of the folded strip under the card and let the foam tape stick out of the slit. Close the tab by folding over the other half of the strip over the top of the card and sticking it to the foam tape.
  7. Test the pull tab to see if the sliding element is working well and not getting caught on anything.Tip: Make a test card with scrap paper to make sure your chosen pieces and your sliding element are functional. You can then use this as a template for your card. This will also reveal any potential pitfalls.
  8. Use a small pair of scissors to fuzzy cut the digital designs, leaving a small white border on the cake design and the cake saying design.
  9. Glue the cake slice on the pull tab, placing it over the area where the foam pads are.
  10. Add the call-to-action “HAVE A SLICE” message on the pull tab next to the cake slice to show the card receiver where they need to pull the tab.Cake slice and call-to-action placed on pull tab
  11. Position the fuzzy cut cake on the card so that the cake slice can be hidden underneath. Use foam tape to elevate the cake. Take care not to constrain the moving parts with the foam tape.
  12. Stick the two small borders to the card – the 13 cm x 1 cm border to the left side of the card and the 17 cm x 1 cm to the bottom side of the card.
  13. Color in the banner of the cake saying design with a color pencil to give it a pop of color. Stick it to the top left side of the card.
  14. Stick the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” message below the cake.
  15. Use a brown ink pad to add some color to the edges of the card.
  16. Flipping the card over, place two strips of double-sided tape on the opposite sides of the pull tab to keep the pull tab in position when you pull on it. Make sure to leave a small space open above and below the pull tab so that the movement is not constricted.Using double-sided tape to keep the pull tab in place
  17. Stick the second 13 cm x 18 cm block to the back side of the card to cover up the slit and the pull tab. You can now use this back side to write a message to the person who will receive the card.Tip: It’ll be easier to write your message on the second large rectangle card before it is attached to the rest of the card.Back side of the card

Make It On Your Own

Do you have a birthday celebration for someone coming up? You can make this card according to any theme you desire. You just need a few basics: a call-to-action to put on the pull tab and two designs that can be used for the sliding element, where it will make sense for the one to slide out from under the other one, like a present or a message coming out of a box. You can also change the style of the card by using the receiver’s favorite colors, patterns, or type of cake!

With this card, you don’t have to have amazing baking skills to give someone a special birthday cake surprise!

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Martina Viviers

March 20, 2021

Awesome idea

Love this!!

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