Make Cards With Leftover Scrapbook Paper

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Posted on March 12, 2021 by Ronda Cook

Whether you’re scrapbooking, dabbling in mixed media, or creating a home décor project with scrapbook paper, there’s always bits and pieces of scrapbook paper left over. Don’t throw away those scraps! Instead, use them to create quick and easy cards for various occasions. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Basic Supplies

  • Card Base – examples are made with 4” x 5 ½” scored bases that were purchased from the local craft store (envelopes included); however, you can always make your own card bases from 8 ½” x 11” cardstock. Simply cut the cardstock in half horizontally and you’ll have 2 card bases measuring 4 ¼” x 5 ½” each.
  • Adhesive – tape runner, glue stick, tacky glue
  • Pop Dots – also known as foam tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Miscellaneous embellishments from your stash

Card #1

Start with a card base and various strips of scrapbook paper. Lay the strips across the card front diagonally, spacing them as you like. Don’t glue down the strips until you have it the way you want it; and don’t worry about trimming down the strips before gluing them down, as you can always trim off the excess.

Card of Diagonal Strips

Photo by Ronda Cook

Diagonal Strips Excess

Photo by Ronda Cook

You can cover the entire card front in strips, or you can leave a space to stamp a sentiment, use letters to spell out or handwrite a sentiment, or add a die cut. If you choose to cover the entire card front with strips, then you can always add your sentiment on a separate piece of cardstock and “pop dot” the sentiment to give the card some dimension.

In the example, a blank “strip” was left open and a “Thanks” die cut was glued down and embellished with two pearl dots.

Diagonal Strips Finished

Card and photo by Ronda Cook

Card #2

Begin with your card base and flip it horizontally so that the card opens from the bottom. Use a variety of strip sizes to adhere to your card base horizontally. The example is made using five different scrapbook papers cut in ¾” tall strips, but you can use any size strips, or even use various heights of strips for an eclectic look.

Adhere your sentiment on top of the strips using a “pop dot” to add dimension. You can make your own sentiment with stamps or die cuts on a separate piece of cardstock, then cut out to place on top of the horizontal strips. A couple of die cuts embellished with rhinestones were used in the example.

Horizontal Strips Finished

Card and photo by Ronda Cook

Card #3

This card features a weave-type of design using strips of scrapbook paper. The strips can be kept “uniform,” such as in the example where all vertical strips measure ½” wide by 4” long, and the horizontal strips measure ½” wide by 3 ½” long; or feel free to experiment with a variety of strip widths and/or lengths.

Lay down the vertical strips first and when you’re happy with their positioning, place a small amount of adhesive on the top of each vertical strip to hold it in place.

Weave Card Vertical Strips

Photo by Ronda Cook

Then take each one of your horizontal strips of paper and “weave” each one of them over and under the vertical strips.

Weave Card Horizontal Strips

Photo by Ronda Cook

Weave each of the horizontal strips differently from the one before it to add variety. As you get each horizontal strip placed the way you want it, place adhesive on each end of the strip to keep it in place.

Weave Card Horizontal Strips 3

Photo by Ronda Cook

After completing your “weave,” there should be room on the card to handwrite or stamp a sentiment. The example shows a die cut that was attached to the card and embellished with some rhinestones.

Weave Card Finished

Card and photo by Ronda Cook

Card #4

Here’s a great way to use odd-shaped paper scraps. This card features a 7/8” and a 1” strip, plus three strips with diagonal cuts that have been layered to create a unique look. A thin line of silver glitter glue was applied to “separate” the strips or layers to provide some dimension. Another way to accomplish this would be to ink each of the strips’ edges. A couple “dots” with the glitter glue accented the die cut used and brought a cohesive look to the card.

V Card Finished

Card and photo by Ronda Cook

Card #5

Up until now, the cards have been made using strips of leftover scrapbooker paper. This next card features small rectangles to form a pattern. If you don’t have small rectangles or squares, simply cut the squares/rectangles from your strips!

This design is a bit trickier in that you’ll need to measure your card to achieve a uniform “quilted” look. However, you can also experiment with different shape sizes and create an abstract look.

The rectangles on the example are 1 1/8” wide and 1” tall, but you can use any size shape you want. The bigger the shape, the less of them you’ll need.

The rectangles were laid out to create a quilted or mosaic type of card front. It’s best to lay out all of the shapes first before gluing them down to ensure the design is how you want it to be.

Quilt Card

Photo by Ronda Cook

A die cut was used for the sentiment and adhered with pop dots to make the card a bit more dimensional. Pearl dots were used to doll it up!

Quilt Card Finished

Card and photo by Ronda Cook

Quick & Easy

It’s really so easy and quick to create your own handmade cards, especially when using leftover bits of scrapbook paper. Even though it is fun to create elaborate handmade cards, it’s not for everyone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a simple, yet beautiful greeting card.

If you’re working on a scrapbook or home décor project, have a card base ready to go and whip up a card with the leftover scraps at the end of the project. At the very least, store all of the scraps in a Ziploc bag (with a card base) to make a card later.


Embellishments don’t have to be over the top either. Keep it simple and use up some of those one-off items you may have in your stash; items left over from other projects.


There are several ways to add sentiments to your cards. Handwrite the lettering or use stickers to spell out words. Stamps and die cuts are popular choices. But what if you don’t like your handwriting or have an abundance of stamps or die cuts. Or, you just don’t have the perfect sentiment to express the occasion. Check out Creative Fabrica and search the craft section to find a JPG or PNG file that you can download and print yourself

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

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Thank you, Fernanda! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Happy Crafting!

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