Use SVG Files for Card Sentiments in Design Space

Use SVG Files for Card Sentiments in Design Space main article image
Posted on December 25, 2021 by Joon Parker

Did you know you can use SVG files for Print Then Cut? I’ve recently started using Print Then Cut more, as it makes projects quick & easy. I like looking for SVG files to use for future card sentiments.


The reason to pick an SVG file over a PNG/JPEG is that the color(s) of the SVG file can be changed to any color to better coordinate with the papers used on your card. A PNG/JPEG image color(s) cannot be changed within Design Space as an SVG file can.

Graphics Used:

Here’s how to download and unzip files:

Print Then Cut Sentiment Using Offset

Step #1 – Upload the flamingo SVG and add it to the canvas.

Step #2 – Select the flamingo image. In the top menu bar click on Offset. In the Distance input field put in .125 and hit enter. Make sure Weld Offset is checked. Then click Apply.

Step #3 – Move the pink flamingo layer to the side. Then click on the black blob offset.

Step #4 – While the black blob is selected, in the lower right corner of the Layers panel click on Contour.

Step #5 – In the pop-up window click on the Hide All Contours button. Then click on the x in the upper right corner of the pop-up to exit.

*Note – any text that you want to use for Print Then Cut will need to be Flattened to a solid white shape. For this tutorial, the white offset is the solid white shape the text will be Flattened to. Your shape needs to be white because any other color will be printed. Your printer cannot print white.

Step #6 – While the black blob is still selected, change the color to white. In the top menu bar click on the tiny black square to the right of Operation and in the pop up click on white.

Step #7 – Place the pink flamingo image back on top of the white offset. Select both. Then in the top menu bar click on Align and select Center.

Step #8 – Select the pink flamingo image and click on Ungroup.

Step #9 – Click on the text. Then in the top menu bar click on the tiny pink square to the right of Operation. Then in the pop up select black.

Step #10 – Select the flamingo and close the eye in the Layers panel.

Step #11 – Select the white offset and the text. Then click on Flatten in the bottom of the Layers panel.

*Note – Look in the Layers panel, there will be an image that says “Print Then Cut”. You should now have a white offset with text all as one Flattened layer in the Layers panel.

You might have noticed that the card front in my screenshots has changed to a flower pattern, which is a digital paper. I have written a tutorial all about digital papers and how to use them in Design Space. You can learn more in this Tutorial Using Digital Papers in Design Space.

Sentiment Assembly

The pink flamingo is cut from pink cardstock and applied to the white offset using adhesive foam squares to add dimension.

Then to add even more dimension adhesive foam squares to the back of the white offset.

Thank you for reading and happy crafting!

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Alaine Grieser

December 27, 2021

Thank youJooniper...this is now saved in my tips & tricks file!!!

Jooniper Parker's profile picture
Jooniper Parker

December 27, 2021


You are welcome!

Cissy Toups

December 27, 2021

Wow the details are amazing! Jooniper you are so creative and talented! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Jooniper Parker's profile picture
Jooniper Parker

December 27, 2021


Aww. Thank you Cissy!

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