Faërie Lifestyle: Empowering Women to Embrace Creativity

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Posted on May 12, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

We’re thrilled to bring you an interview with Faërie Lifestyle. Faërie Lifestyle is a lifestyle blog that was created by a blogger and graphic designer with the purpose of building a platform where all women could feel empowered to embrace creativity, conquer their dreams, build a community, and find inspiration in everyday life. 

In this article, we talk with Faërie Lifestyle about what they do and what they offer through their blog and CF Fans subscription to realize their important mission.

Faërie Lifestyle has such an inspiring mission and purpose. What inspired you to start this platform and how did it begin?

I wanted women to feel part of a community. I’ve always been a firm believer in supporting and uplifting women. I wanted to create a space where women’s individuality and creativity are celebrated. A place where we encourage and support one another to reach our dreams and goals.

The journey that led me to launching Faërie Lifestyle was full of personal hardships and setbacks. After many health struggles and difficulties, I found a great support system from the women in my life, as well as on social media. That sisterhood spirit is what inspired me to build this community.

What kind of topics do you discuss and resources do you share on Faërie Lifestyle?

Over on the blog you can find topics centered around creating an inspiring lifestyle. I share posts on women empowerment, blogging tips, opinion pieces on social issues, productivity, planning, wellness, mindfulness, as well as cultural pieces. Everything that women need to build a beautiful life- their own realm where women are the driving force and inspiration.

I also launched the Faërie Lifestyle Shop with the purpose of providing women with feminine, beautiful and minimalistic designs to inspire and help them get organized, achieve their goals, be productive, live more intentionally and find inspiration in everyday life. Our collection includes digital journals, planner inserts and printables, templates, presets, notebooks, graphics and more. We are constantly creating new products and our goal is to offer all women something that is affordable and beautiful, this way every time they are sitting down to plan their days or organize any aspect of their life, they feel inspired and magical.

Where do you get inspiration and who inspires you the most?

I am always inspired by the Faërie Lifestyle community: a group of creative, resilient, and incredible women. Throughout my blogging journey I have been so fortunate to interact and meet so many inspiring women. I always look up to my fellow bloggers, as well. I love to see all women succeed and fulfill their dreams and goals. 

What are your plans for Faërie Lifestyle this year?

At the top of the list, I want to make sure we are always creating content that is inspiring and valuable to the community. 

We want to be able to offer beautiful, inspirational and useful resources, tools, and content that inspires women to express themselves, foster creativity, learn, grow, and use their voices to manifest and live the most beautiful and wonderful life they can dream of. 

This year, we hope our community continues to grow, so that more women can come together to empower and uplift each other, so we can all reach our greatest potential.

In terms of specific content, you can expect exciting new projects. There is an upcoming course, even more products added to the Faërie Lifestyle Shop, and more blog posts and collaborations.

Could you please explain what you offer through your CF Fans subscription?

Through the CF Fans subscription service, we want to provide additional content that is meaningful, beautiful and motivates and empowers women to manage and balance their day-to-day life. We believe this is a great opportunity to build more connections with the audience. They can be a part of the creative process, provide feedback and interact closely with the community. As the platform grows, we will be able to cater our content to their specific needs, so that it can be more personalized and unique. 

Our initial plan is to launch exclusive resources, posts, graphics, planner printables, and more, all at an affordable price. Our goal is to continue to provide valuable and beautiful content and have our audience be more engaged and involved with the creative process.

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

Through CF Fans, we want to be able to build connections with the audience, while also having them feel part of something special. We strive to build a place where women can connect, contribute and collaborate. Give them the encouragement and empowerment to use these tools and resources to build the life of their dreams.

Are you inspired by Faërie Lifestyle’s mission to support and uplift women? Join Faërie Lifestyle’s community by subscribing to their CF Fans page! 

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