Interview with Doodle Artist and Digital Planner Karin Perry

Interview with Doodle Artist and Digital Planner Karin Perry main article image
Posted on May 3, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Today’s interview is with Karin Perry, a former school librarian turned Associate Professor who’s also a doodler and digital planner. Doodling and reading are her hobbies, and she goes everywhere with her iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a book in case she gets some downtime. 

Karin joined CF Fans as a creator for the purpose of making extra income and sharing her expertise as a doodler and planner.

How did you find your way to doodling and planning?

I started doodling after I discovered the world of sketchnoting at a conference presentation. I immediately started using it to help with taking notes. I found digital planning when I was following different people on social media and decided that it was a great way to incorporate my doodling into my daily life. I’m a very unorganized person, so anything to encourage me to keep track of appointments and due dates is a good thing. Now I use my own doodles/creations to decorate my digital planners and I encourage others to do the same.

For more sketchnotes, follow @sninschool and @365daysofsketchnotes on Instagram.

Could you please describe your creative process?  How do you stay inspired?

I don’t feel like I have a creative process. I just jump in and start when something comes to me. I follow many illustrators and digital planners on social media and when I see something I like I’ll try to imitate the style for practice. Another way I stay inspired is to interact with the people in my Doodle Facebook Group

I ask the members for theme ideas and they submit choices and then vote on them. The most popular one wins and I’ll focus on doodle tutorials around the winning theme.

What’s your favorite thing about doodling and planning?

Doodling is relaxing for me. I like the challenge of getting something to look the way I envision it in my head. What I like best about digital planning is the variety. When you buy a paper planner you’re stuck with the same design for the entire year. With digital planning I can change color schemes, layouts, and themes every day. I can have separate digital journals for many different things without carrying around a stack of journals everywhere I go. I can have one for my day-to-day schedule, a Reading Log, one to track my favorite TV shows, etc. 

What’s your advice for those who want to improve their doodling skills?

Practice Practice Practice. Just put pen to paper or stylus to tablet and doodle. Makes lines and shapes. Build your muscle memory. You might say, “I don’t have to time sit and doodle.” I made it a habit to doodle in the morning when I have my coffee and in the evening when I’m watching TV. Instead of surfing the web or reading Facebook/Twitter posts, I doodle.

What is the next thing you want to create or learn?

I want to learn how to use programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These programs allow for Vector files, whereas Procreate only creates Raster images. 

Could you please explain what you offer through your CF Fans subscription?

If you subscribe, you’ll receive a new digital planner of some kind and a planner element sticker set to use with it each month. And, you’ll also receive doodle tutorials for each week of the month featuring different themes.

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

Of course I’d love to make a little extra money on the side. Side hustle! But, mainly, I just want people to doodle. 

Be sure to check out Karin’s CF Fans page and subscribe to get exciting doodling and planning related content!

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