Interview with Embroidery Enthusiast Kim Thane

Interview with Embroidery Enthusiast Kim Thane main article image
Posted on June 24, 2021 by Creative Fabrica The Artistry

Kim Thane is a crafter, avid artist, and YouTuber, creating crafting tutorials and teaching others. Kim has been doing machine embroidery for about a year now and has taught herself a lot along the way! She is now on CF Fans as one of our creators, offering exclusive rewards such as a first look at some of her YouTube videos before anyone else, and an inside look at her studio and life as a crafter.

How did you get into machine embroidery? When did it turn into your passion? 

I first came across machine embroidery through a friend that had a single needle and created dolls which she sold in her shop. They were absolutely beautiful. So I just had to have a go at machine embroidery. Within a month I bought my first machine, which was a ten needle, very daunting! But after watching some YouTube videos, I soon got the hang of it. And it’s been a lot of fun along the way. I made mistakes but I also made some fantastic things along the way. So I thought, why not create my own YouTube channel where I can help others learn along with me, and perhaps give some inspiration to others. 

What’s your favorite thing about crafting and creating videos on YouTube?

I just love the community spirit! It’s been a great way to make new friends and communicate with people from all over the world! I especially love doing LIVES and having that extra personal experience with my subscribers! And I love the fact that I inspire others to feel they too can achieve things.

Could you please explain your creative process as a crafter and a YouTuber?

As for my creative process, well, where shall I start. Firstly, it’s all about giving people more than just knowledge of how to do something. It’s about helping them to understand that it’s easy to make mistakes and that we all make mistakes along the way. I try to show people how to rectify a mistake if it’s made. I don’t like to hide my faults from people as I feel this gives out a false impression and can actually do more damage to someone’s belief in themselves. If people see me create lovely things but also making mistakes, then they are seeing the true picture. A picture that can potentially give them a bit more hope in themselves. Hence they don’t just give up at the first hurdle.

What inspires you to keep creating? 

My subscribers inspire me to keep creating. They are the foundation of what I’m trying to achieve. I’m an artist, and I earn my living from that now, but I’ve put a lot of hard work and hours into creating my YouTube videos and tutorials, simply because I love to help others. Plus I ABSOLUTELY love anything crafty!

What does your crafting space look like? Do you have any tips for making a crafting space inspiring?

My craft space is my spare bedroom upstairs, it’s not the largest, and yes, it’s jam packed with crafting equipment! I painted it pink and white as I love making my space not only enjoyable for me to sit and work in, but also to give my subscribers something pretty to look at. I try to incorporate twinkly lights, and quirky objects for interest. I decorate spaces with other crafters’ creations to show my support to them also.

What was the most difficult or challenging crafting project you recently created and why? Difficult and challenging?

Hmmm, I find a few things difficult and challenging, which in actual fact don’t really need to be given the correct knowledge and equipment. For example, making stickers, on a Cricut and printing and cutting them off with a background design too. I just cannot get my head around how to do it, it will either cut all the stickers out and not the outer or just the outer squares and not the stickers. 

Besides embroidering, you also do other types of crafting such as painting and doodling. How did you learn and how do you make sure to keep improving all these skills?

I’ve always been artistic since I was a child but I never sold my work until I was in my late 40’s. Now I sell work all over Cornwall in the UK. I use acrylic and resin mostly and just love the way the resin makes the artwork pop with color. And because I use glitters, it also sparkles which attracts people’s attention. I also love to watercolor and doodle over it, giving just a simple few splashes of paint to turn into a piece of art. I am all self taught.

Do you have any tips for those wanting to become an embroiderer?

If you are considering embroidery then perhaps a single needle would be good to start. Don’t give up at the first hurdle. Watch YouTube a lot as there are many channels out there that can help you. And just enjoy it. Make it fun. 

Could you please explain what you offer through your CF Fans subscription?

With regards to my CF Fans page, at present I will be offering a $2.99 subscription. This will include, first look at some of my YouTube videos before anyone else. And an inside look at my studio, personal life, behind the scenes, through pictures. With the potential to offer more in the future. 

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

I would like to achieve a fantastic following through CF Fans, and make some new and wonderful friends through it, giving people a more personal experience to make them feel special.

Support Kim’s crafting journey on CF Fans!

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