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Marcy Takes Us into Her Wondrous World of Junk Journals

Marcy Takes Us into Her Wondrous World of Junk Journals main article image
Posted on May 3, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Today’s interview is with Marcy Coate, an American living in Italy who designs digitals and printables for paper crafts such as junk journals, scrapbooks, planners, printable cards, gift boxes, and more.  Marcy has been selling her designs on Creative Fabrica for a few years and recently joined CF Fans as a creator with the hope that she can interact with her crafting community.

Read on to be inspired by her stunning creations and crafting journey!

How would you describe your design or crafting style?

I like to work with a mix of vintage and modern styles, depending on the project. In particular I like to use watercolors and florals.

How did your crafting journey begin? How did it turn into your passion?

My mother and grandmother loved to sew, so I learned that at a young age, along with embroidery, counted cross stitch, and quilting. Over the years I have done so many crafts, like wreath making, decoupage, and others, mainly as gifts and for decorating my home. More recently, with the advent of the mania for scrapbooking, I became interested in digital scrapbooking, and from there I found out about making junk journals. I have gone really crazy with this craft form, making journals for myself, family and friends, and since I already had the skills for making digitals for scrapbooking, I simply turned those designs into kits, papers and ephemera for journals.

Could you please describe your creative process?

I start with an idea, usually a theme or color palette. Often it is a customer or member of my Creative Team who suggests the colors or theme to me. I gather image resources (commercial use clipart/textures/templates, vintage public domain images, etc.) Then I typically start by creating the background pages, and then the tags, cards & other ephemera to coordinate with the pages.

What was your most recent favorite creation you made?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I really do love purple, so I guess it would be my Lilacs Journal. It was created using the Lilacs Junk Journal kit that I made.

What do you love most about making journals or scrapbooks?

What I like most about making journals is that there are so many different things that can be added to decorate them. It’s not just paper, but bits of lace and fabric, charms, and so many other different decorative elements that you can use. I love making each journal unique and different, whether it is one I’m making for myself, or as a gift. The ones I make to give as gifts are especially fun because I like to choose a theme and colors that I know the person really likes. I always get thanked so profusely, too, because most people have never received a gift like this, and it’s really special to them.

You create beautiful journals and scrapbooks. What’s your advice for those who want to begin journaling?

YouTube is very helpful for showing you how to create the basic journal or scrapbook or photo album, and there are thousands of beautiful example photos on Pinterest. 

If you want to write in your journal but aren’t sure where to start, think about collecting some quotations, poetry, inspirational stories, or Scripture verses to write on your pages, with decorative elements that you add, either with paper or your own artwork.

Could you please explain what you offer through your CF Fans subscription?

  • Each month I prepare a special pack of printables that my fans can download, print, cut out & use to create a beautiful handcrafted item. These are things that are not yet available in my shop. I might/might not have them in my shop at a later time, but fans would get them much earlier and for a lower price, as subscribers.
  • I include full instructions and tips for creating the projects. I include printed instructions with the kit, and I will also do video demonstrations if it is something a little complicated.
  • Polling feature so that fans can vote on future craft packs.
  • Monthly live session/hangout for fans subscribers, in my Facebook “room”. These sessions will include things such as “trouble-shooting” any problems you are having printing or creating with my kits or projects, ideas for making your paper projects special (such as using lace, ribbon, fabric & other items), ideas for how to use your journal (what to write in it, how to decorate it, etc.), “how to” sessions and demonstrations for binding your journals, planners, albums, etc. (sewing and non-sewing methods). Guest speakers will be invited from time to time. Fans can also post requests about topics they want me to cover, in the Facebook group for my CF Fans.

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

The part I like best about CF Fans is the chance to interact with followers and receive their feedback through polling, so that I know I’m creating things that people want to use.

Learn how to create your own beautiful junk journals by subscribing to Marcy on CF Fans and make sure to check out her Pinterest for some paper craft inspiration!

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