Meet Naomi: The Crafting Coach Behind EJ’s Fun Crafting

Meet Naomi: The Crafting Coach Behind EJ’s Fun Crafting main article image
Posted on April 30, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Today’s interview is with Naomi Garcia, an all around crafter and the crafting coach behind EJ’s Fun Crafting. Her experience involves sewing, card making, epoxy and resin work, but she’s mostly known for Cricut crafting.

Naomi joined CF Fans as a creator and hopes to help crafters of all skill levels master their Cricut machines. We recently interviewed Naomi to learn more about how she got started with crafting.

How did your crafting journey begin?

I grew up crafting with my mom.  She was a true Crafting Queen.  She sewed all of our clothes, made us stuffed animals and dolls, and even did woodworking projects around the house.  My dad says that he was amazed to see me doing Latch Hook when I was only 5 years old.  I got my first sewing machine when I was 11 years old and my love for crafting just grew.  In 2016, I got my first Cuttlebug and a couple of months later I also received my first Cricut Explore Air machine.  I started a crafting circle consisting of my mom, 5 of my sisters, and 3 of my nieces.  I would lead “workshops” at my  home each week to teach them all what I was learning about using my Cricut machines.  Then, in 2019, after semi-retiring from my profession as an educator, I decided to make crafting my focus as far as work is concerned.

How would you describe your crafting style?

I consider myself an “All Around” crafter.  I really love trying most techniques and skills at least one time.  But when it comes down to it, I think I’m more of a traditional crafter in the sense that I always try to incorporate basic skills and techniques and modify them using technology.  That’s why I love the Cricut so much.

What craft or creation do you feel proudest of, and why?

Several years ago, I made a quilt.  It was a pieced quilt with applique.  Each applique was either a boy or a girl.  For each block, I embroidered the name of one of my siblings along with the date of birth.  In all, there were 12 blocks.  I gifted it to my mom as an anniversary present.  I was so proud of it because it was such a huge project and because I incorporated several techniques and skills into this quilt.  More than that, it made me proud to be able to present something special to my mom, the person who started me on this path.

What type of space do you craft in?

My “craft studio” is what used to be our living room.  I started with a corner and a table in the back of the house.  Soon, as most crafters know, my supplies and equipment needed more space.  My husband is a huge supporter of what I do.  So he suggested I take over the living room.  This works out well for us.  Since we have a den, we still have a family area and a space for the kids to play.

What do you want to learn or create next?

I’d really like to expand my skills and learn more about wood burning.

What’s your advice for those who want to start crafting?

Be patient and be persistent.  Learning different types of crafting takes time.  It also takes time to find the right kind of crafting for you.  So try not to be discouraged if you can’t seem to get it “right”, because in reality, there is no “right” or “wrong” in crafting.

Could you please explain what you offer through your CF Fans subscription?

My CF Fans subscription includes access to a private, members only Facebook Group; free access to select picks from my SVG and design files with new files being added each month; interactive group Zoom crafting session each month; and discounted access to my Cricut and other crafting trainings, with at least one new training added monthly. 

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

I hope to build a community of crafters who feel comfortable learning and sharing what they have learned to help others succeed.  I truly believe that we grow and we rise by lifting others.

Join Naomi’s community on CF Fans and enhance your Cricut skills!

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