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Meet the Lovely Paper Flower Artist Deaney

Meet the Lovely Paper Flower Artist Deaney main article image
Posted on April 28, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Deaney is a Filipina US-based designer and also the founder of Deaney Weaney Blooms, a paper flower studio based in North Carolina that offers paper flowers décor and blooms, and paper flower workshops. 

Deaney creates her own paper flower designs and templates that she brings to life. From small flowers for bouquets to large ones for paper flower walls and installations, she does them all.

Scroll down to read the interview and to see the most gorgeous paper flowers created by Deaney!

How did your crafting journey begin?

I’ve been crafting and creating since I can remember. I’ve always been interested in anything art-related since I was young. I was awarded the artist of the year in high school then I went on to study Industrial Design in college which all the more fueled my desire to create things from scratch. 

My love for paper flowers however began later on when I was about to get married. I fell in love with the sculptural look of the flowers made from cardstock the first time I saw one. I knew I have the skills to make them so I decided I’d be making the flowers for my husband and I’s own wedding. I haven’t stopped creating paper flowers since then.

Why did you decide to start crafting for a living and when did you start your company, Deaney Weaney Blooms?

It has always been a dream of mine to create for a living. Looking back, I’ve realized I set this path years ago when I was about to move to the US from the Philippines. I was working as a shopfront and exhibition display designer at the time and my former manager asked me what I would do for a living once I moved to the States. Out of the blue, I just told her, I’d make paper flowers. And funny enough, that’s what I did the moment I moved here (US).

I started Deaney Weaney Blooms (DWB) around May of 2017, after wrapping up my first big project, my own wedding. 

I always enjoyed showing and sharing my work with people so I was posting my works to Facebook cutting machine user groups. People were asking me where I got the files from and a lot were saying they’d be willing to buy it. That’s when I realized I can sell the digital templates to crafters. 

For almost 3 years, DWB’s business was mostly from digital templates and online tutorial sales. I have made large paper flower walls and installations in that span of time but not as heavy as the templates because they just take too much work (flower walls).

However, later on, the Covid pandemic happened, and we were all affected one way or another. I had the opportunity to work on a paper flower wall project late last year and I did love the connection I get from my flower wall clients, hence I started to offer custom paper flower walls and blooms locally.

You create the most beautiful paper flowers! How did you learn the skills? Do you have any tips for those who want to start paper crafting?

Thank you! My background and education in design surely helped, most especially with the technical aspect of the process like working with design software and machines. 

As for my tip, I would say, just start doing it. Starting something totally new would seem daunting at first that you might even start procrastinating but I’d say just try it out. Start with something simple then do more complex projects as you go and you might even end up liking and loving it!

What’s your other favorite type of craft project to make besides paper crafts?

I would say any projects that use acrylic plastic sheets. In my previous work, I used to design store displays and exhibition booths with acrylic elements. And we recently got a laser cutting machine so I’m very excited to explore that craft again.

What are your must-have craft essentials?

For myself, since I create and design my templates, the tools I cannot live or go on to craft without are my computer (with the software that I use, namely Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere and Microsoft Powerpoint), my cutting machine (Cricut), glue gun and scissors.

My cutting machine helps me cut the intricate patterns that would’ve taken me more time to cut by hand. I do my design and files on my computer, and the glue gun helps me form the 2d papers 

What does your workspace look like? Do you have any tips to create an inspiring workspace?

Having a 1-year-old, my workspace is wherever she is! Haha. What helps me do that is a tray where I place the tools and whatever I’m working on and I take it wherever she is in the house when I need to work. However, I do have a dedicated home office and craft room upstairs. 

I have a work table where I mainly do my projects and also shoot my tutorials. I also have a make-shift standing table composed of two filing cabinets where I store our important files in. That’s where I usually do my video editing and administrative work because I have my extra screen in there. For me having a standing table is very important because as they say nowadays, “Sitting is the new form of smoking”. Then, I have several cube storage cabinets where I store my supply of paper, tools, and materials. 

I don’t display a lot of things on the walls of the room because I might use that space as a background when I shoot/ take pictures of my projects. 

Now, first tip, most especially to those who are just starting out is to work with the things that you already have. You don’t have to splurge on big cabinets, dividers, and other things to have a proper workspace. For years I used our dining table as my craft area because our old apartment was so small. Then progress as you go, build when you already can. Create a workspace that would work with your workflow. And I’d also say that clean and organize your craft area whenever you can, most importantly whenever you end and before you start another project. Staying clean and organized has always been a struggle for me, but doing so helps me think clearly and be more efficient whenever I work on a project.


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