Shawn Mosch on Her Journey to Becoming a Cricut Expert

Shawn Mosch on Her Journey to Becoming a Cricut Expert main article image
Posted on April 24, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Shawn Mosch is your go-to person for any questions or tips about Cricut. She’s a married mother of two children both in their 20’s, and lives in Minnesota, the state known as the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’. She is on a mission to help fellow crafters get familiar with Cricut, one of the best-selling cutting machines out there! Through her CF Fans subscription, you’ll find inspiration, tips, and education about crafting with Cricut. Read on to see how Shawn found her way to her life’s passion: crafting!

How did you find your way to crafting?  

Crafting has always been a part of my life.  My mother and her mother were both crafters.  For both of them, their main craft was sewing and that was one of my early crafts.  The thing I love about crafting is that you can take an idea or inspiration and make it into reality.  In college I was the Costumer for the school’s theater department.  There was something so amazing about taking a sketch someone drew of a character or costume, and then seeing that come to life on the stage opening night.

How long have you been teaching Cricut?  

I have been teaching people to use their Cricut since 2010.  In the beginning, I would help people to find the images they wanted to cut from Cricut cartridges.  We did not have all of the images stored in Design Space like they are now, so my family and I created the site to help people find the images they wanted to cut.  I would also help people on message boards when they struggled with how to get the Cricut to do what they wanted to do.

I took a break from being active in the online crafting world while my daughter was playing high school sports.  I wanted to be there for every game and event.  Then once she was in college I started back with helping people, but now it was with helping them learn to use Design Space.  When a local craft store started to offer Cricut classes I started teaching in person also.  I love teaching people to use Design Space.  Often the questions that people ask me will turn into my next tutorial or video.  If one person asks the question, there are probably thousands of other people out there that also have that same question.  I approach each tutorial or video I create as a way to answer those Cricut questions for people.

How did you become a Cricut expert? How did you learn and develop your skills?  

Honestly, I just started to use the Design Space software.  I have a computer drafting and design background, for my real job, and I am not sure if that helped me in understanding how Design Space works.  Since I also develop process and training documentation for my real job I applied that same method to my Cricut tutorials.  I break everything down into basic steps.  I think that is what some other Cricut experts forget, the beginner Cricut user needs to understand why things operate the way they do so that they can really learn to understand their Cricut machine.

Also, I experimented and played around with Design Space to learn what would work, and what will not.  I also looked a lot at troubleshooting Cricut projects.  Most times, if people show me what their screen looks like in Design Space I can tell them what they need to do to fix the image.  This is because I have taken the time to understand why Cricut does what it does and how the software works.  

What are your must-have craft essentials? 

Personally, I think that every Cricut owner should have a copy of my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Handbook.  This is where I show you what the different buttons do, and how to use them.  And since Design Space looks very different in the mobile app, I created a separate guide for iPad users called Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad

What was your most recent favourite creation you made?  

I am a huge Disney fan, so any time I create a Disney project I feel like I have more fun.  I have created some Disney classroom projects for teachers I know.

What tips would you give to someone just starting to craft with Cricut? 

My biggest tip is to learn to use Design Space.  Learn what each function does.  This will help you when you want to create your projects.

Could you please explain what you offer in your CF Fans subscription? 

My fans will get exclusive content from me.  This will include access to my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course videos.  Normally I charge $19 for this course. 

You will also get access to any SVG files I create.  I am hoping to begin making more of these this year, and I would love to see how my fans use my SVG files.  I will also offer a coupon code so that you can get discounts on any products I sell.

Most importantly, you will get access to one on one help and guidance from me.  I will teach you how to understand and use your Cricut to its fullest potential.  

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?  

I want to connect with my fans because they are what inspires me.  I have also said that I wish there was a way for me to just drop my contact information into each and every Cricut box so that people can reach out to me for help and guidance.  I see this fans group as a way for me to do that.  And as my fans start to create amazing Cricut projects, others will want to learn to do the same thing.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you ever want to become a Cricut genius yourself, make sure to subscribe to Shawn’s CF Fans page!

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