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Tips for Choosing Your CF Fans Rewards

Tips for Choosing Your CF Fans Rewards main article image
Posted on May 3, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

The rewards you offer your fans are vital for growing your fanbase and retaining your fans. There’s more to determining rewards than just offering rewards that you think are appropriate for your fans. You also have to ensure that you set realistic rewards, and that you will have the time and resources to deliver them to your fans. 

We’ve come up with several tips to make this process easier. In this article, you will also find a few things to take into account when determining your subscription rewards. 

Base your rewards on what you would like to get from others

The first step to create attractive rewards is to think about what you would like to receive from others. This simple exercise can be helpful. What would you like to receive from an experienced knitter? From a paper crafter? Or from a successful graphic designer?

Make a list of all possible rewards you can think of. This is a simple yet powerful technique to gather your thoughts and organize your ideas. 

Do some research

Before you get started, do some research and find out what your followers would want to receive from you.

If you already have a social media following, try to understand why your followers followed you in the first place. What kind of content have they enjoyed from you in the past? Did your post get a lot of engagement when you shared about your journey to becoming a successful graphic artist? If the answer is yes, this could indicate that your community wants to learn about your creative journey, thus tips on becoming a successful artist can be one of the subscription rewards you provide to your fans.

Think also about which content formats your community like the most. Do they respond well to podcasts? Long articles? Short videos? Find and use the most optimal format to deliver your content. 

Take your community’s input into account

You can spend hours doing research, but the most effective way to better understand your community is to ask them a simple question: What would you like to receive from me? 

If you have more than one question, set up a survey. Make sure that you include the right questions so your survey will bring you enough useful information. Keep it short to get higher completion rates.

Once you have started your journey on CF Fans, don’t stop researching. CF Fans provides creator tools that you can use to ask your fans about their preferences. Polls and Direct Messages will be your best allies. 

A receptive attitude is crucial to engage your current and potential fans. This platform aims to help you create an engaged community, and this can be achieved by bonding with your fans and making them feel that their opinions matter.

Think of how much time you can dedicate to CF Fans in a week

Ask yourself how many hours of your weekly schedule can you dedicate to creating content for your fans. Even if running your CF Fans subscription may not be your full time occupation, it’s important to still commit some time to providing rewards on a regular basis. Creating quality content takes time: be realistic and assess what you can do. 

Managing your fanbase should be fun. If anything, it should be a chance to do more things that you enjoy. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – especially during the first months. Just try things out and see what works.

Surprise your fans from time to time

Everyone loves to receive gifts. And so do your fans! Take some time to create some surprise content for them. Offering unanticipated things can show that you care about and appreciate your fans. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be as simple as giving your fans a beautiful digital art print for continuously supporting you. When building an engaged community, these details make a difference!

So don’t be afraid to let them know that you are thankful for their support. These unexpected wonderful rewards are a great way to keep your fans happy over the long-term and retain them.

You don’t have to offer rewards if you don’t want to

It’s good to note that offering rewards to your fans is not mandatory. Your CF Fans subscription can be used as a medium to gain financial donation from your loyal fans. Many fans, mostly hard core ones, are willing to do this as they want to support the continuation of your work and creative journey.

However, note that offering rewards will most likely be more beneficial to you as a creator as it is the biggest incentive to encourage people to join your fanbase and turn them into loyal fans.

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Tips for Choosing Your CF Fans Rewards
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