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Create a Monogram using CF Spark

Create a Monogram using CF Spark main article image
Posted on March 10, 2023 by Lucija Novosel

With CF Spark, you are able to create stunning images in seconds. You can simply type in what you would like to see in your image, and using AI, a unique image is created which you can use for your creative projects! Besides its core feature, CF Spark has a couple of useful extensions that make the process so much easier! 

CF Spark is widely used within the CF Community – one of the creators being CF designer Dimas from DM Letter Studio. Dimas created a monogram using a combination of CF Spark tools. In this article, we will walk you through the process and show how you too can make use of these powerful tools and implement AI-generated art into your designs.



Tools used

  1. CF Spark Crystalline 
  2. CF Prompt Builder 
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. FontLab Ver.8


Build a prompt

Start by creating a prompt for the design using CF Prompt Builder. CF Prompt Builder allows you to create powerful prompts by adding all the features you want your design to have such as texture, color, dimension, etc. This tool is a perfect choice if you already have a style in mind you would like to obtain.

If you prefer to write the prompt yourself, you can do that directly into CF Spark Crystalline.

Generate graphics

To create The Blue Crystal Monogram, the designer entered a detailed description into CF Spark Crystalline and generated designs from this. You can see the prompt used and the results below. CF Spark Crystalline saves you a lot of editing time by generating ready-to-use PNG files with a transparent background. 

Choose the best results and download the graphics. To download the design generated in CF Spark Crystalline, you will need a Spark Creator Subscription or publish the Crystalline-generated design on Creative Fabrica and download it with your All Access Subscription. 

Along with the generated graphics, the creator added a sparkly background image into the asset library for this project. You can find a variety of beautiful backgrounds to choose from on Creative Fabrica.

When the graphics are prepared, it’s time to choose the best monogram font for your project. There are also a lot of unique monogram fonts on Creative Fabrica. Pick the best one for your project!

Bringing it all together

Upload both the monogram and the graphics into Adobe Photoshop. Make sure all the elements are in a PNG format with a transparent background. In Photoshop, you can place all the elements into separate groups and layers for an easy workflow. 

Use a clipping mask to fill out the monogram with the background image. 

Add the graphics and erase any overrun for a clean look. 

Repeat the same process for all the glyphs to get the full alphabet. Save and download each monogram as a PNG file with a transparent background. Further, add all the images into Fontlab, generate the font, and export it as an OTF file. 

There are so many possibilities!

The Blue Crystal Monogram was only a start for this designer. In the meanwhile, he created three more monogram fonts using the same technique – Lake Floral Monogram, Egg Floral Monogram, and Butterfly Floral Monogram 

Dimas has tried all of the CF Spark tools. His favorites are CF Spark Crystalline, Patterns, ImageMix, and Prompt Builder. 

“We were first hesitant about using the AI-generated designs at first. However, after Creative Fabrica released CF Spark Crystalline, we were able to generate PNG files that can be used in so many ways!” – says Dimas 

The designer already plans on using the CF Spark in his future projects and growing his assortment of unique monograms for his customers. 

Try it out!

We hope you find this article inspiring and invite you to try out CF Spark in your next creation, and get inspired from our creative community!


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can yo explain how you load an image into CFCrystaline? Unable to see how, I haae been using a very convoluted process to achieve the task of removing the background. I'd love to know this tip!

Lucija Novosel's profile picture
Lucija Novosel

March 14, 2023


Hi Rose, thank you for your question! In CF Spark Crystalline, you can generate the images without the background directly. Which saves a lot of editing time. At the moment the tool does not have an option for loading external images into the generator. We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any misunderstanding. I hope you are still able to obtain the desired results! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

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