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Creating Custom Split Monogram Name Ornaments

Creating Custom Split Monogram Name Ornaments main article image
Posted on December 15, 2021 by Francesca E

One of my favorite types of decorations to craft around the holidays is custom name ornaments. There is just something so special about creating ornaments for your Christmas tree with all the names of your family. You can make them for yourself and your own holiday tree, or create them for gifts to give to friends, family, and even co-workers. Everyone will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating them, and they will be enjoyed for years to come. 

To create your custom split monogram name ornament, you do not need any Photoshop or font editing software. The great thing about this project is that it can all be done in your Cricut Design Space. 

What you’ll need

For this project, you will need a set of clear plastic ornaments. I purchased mine on Amazon in a package of six, but they can also be easily found at craft stores like Michales or dollar stores. They are not very expensive, sometimes selling for as little as a dollar apiece.

You will also need to purchase and use permanent vinyl. I find that Oracle or Sister vinyl works best for holiday ornaments where you require the vinyl to really stay on. These sell for about a dollar a sheet at Michael’s, but you can also find them online. I chose red for my initial ornaments but feel free to choose whatever colors represent the colors of your Christmas tree. 

Last, you will need a ribbon to tie your ornament and hang it on the tree. I like to purchase gold ribbons because I feel like it goes with any Christmas theme, but again feel free to use whatever you would like. I have used rope in the past for a more rustic look and even white yarn.

Step-by-step instructions

Open your Cricut Design Space and select a new project to get started. 

Click on the text type tool (it has the letter T in it) and a box will prompt open where you will type in the first name of the person you are creating the ornament for. I am using the name Avalon as the example pictured. 

Creating text in Cricut Design Space

Next, decide on a font for the full name. For this project, I selected the font Hellomy. If you want to use a different font, I recommend one that is handwritten in cursive or modern calligraphy. By choosing this type of font you can create a nice balance between the boldness of the initial in the background. 

Making text in Cricut Design Space

After you have selected your font, open another type tool and type out the first letter of the person’s name that you are creating the ornament for. In this case, I typed out A for Avalon. Choose a bold serif font for the initial to help it stand out. If you are unsure what a serif font is, it has the little decorated line at the ends of each letter, these are called ‘serifs’. 

Now size out your two letter creations. Measure your ornament and depending on how large or small yours is, make your initial letter large enough to cover most of the ornament on one side, and your name small enough to fit inside the letter. 

Creating shapes in Cricut Design Space

Once you have everything sized, you are going to select a shape from the toolbar. Select the rectangle shape and drag it over to your enlarged initial letter. Click on the lock on the corner and size your rectangle appropriately. 

Creating a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Click on the color options on the top main toolbar and change the color of your rectangle to white. 

Slice tool in Cricut Design Space

Highlight both the initial and the rectangle placed over the initial and right-click on the right menu column, you will then see a menu pop up. 

Choose the ‘slice’ option, and you will see the white square appear with a cut out of the initial inside it. 

Slicing an area in Cricut Design Space

Delete the box and the potion of the letter inside it. You should now have a blank space in your initial. 

Drag over your name in cursive and fit it inside the initial like the example picture. Now you are ready to begin cutting. 

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Cutting out your project

If you are using a single color, set up your cutting mat with your vinyl. [You do not have to mirror this project because it is not heat-transfer vinyl.] 

If you are using two colors of vinyl, one color for the initial and one for the name, use the deselect tool to cut out one color of vinyl at a time. 

Cut out your project and weed out any excess vinyl. Peel up your initial and place it on your ornament. Next, peel the name and place it in the cut-out space in the initial. 

Using contact paper

If you do not feel comfortable peeling up and placing your vinyl on the ornament, you can also use the contact paper method. For this method, cut a piece of contact paper out as large as your vinyl piece. Remove the back and place on top of your vinyl. 

Use a credit card or the Cricut scraper tool to scrape out any air bubbles. Lift the contact paper, talking the vinyl with it. Place everything how you want it to look on your ornament. 

Peel up the contact paper, leaving your vinyl in place. 

Finalizing your project

Once you have all your pieces on your ornament, give the vinyl one last push to make sure there are no air bubbles. 

Use your ribbon or string to tie a bow at the top of your ornament and leave a loop, so you can easily hang it on your Christmas tree. 

Tips and tricks

Add loose glitter or sequins to the inside of your ornament for a snow globe effect. Or use round styrofoam to make it really look like snow. 

Pour a dollop of paint on the inside of your ornament and shake it to coat the inside with a coat of colored paint. 

Use Mod Podge and glitter and coat the inside with glitter that sticks to the walls of the ornament. 

For more holiday craft ideas visit The Artistry at Creative Fabrica!

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