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Make Your Own Glitter Gift Tags With Your Cricut

Make Your Own Glitter Gift Tags With Your Cricut main article image
Posted on December 9, 2021 by Francesca E

This is one of those projects that is so simple it goes by in a breeze. You don’t need a ton of materials, and you can even use scrap papers and any card stock you have lying around. If you’re in a hurry or very new to Cricut crafting, then I definitely recommend this project for you to try out. Gifting is one of the fun things about making crafts with Cricut projects. You can find not only so many presents to make for all your friends and relatives, but special cards, wrapping elements, and bows can be crafted as well. All of this makes your gift so much more special than purchasing something ready-made from a big corporate shop or even Amazon. 

For this project, we will be making gift tags. I only started making gift tags a few years ago, before that I would lazily purchase sticker tags to write names on. But when I started to research how to create customized gift wrapping, I really fell in love with the idea that the package is part of the whole experience. So for me, the gift really begins when you hand the person their box, and they are already excited because the wrapping paper, gift tags, and bows are already so well-thought-out and put together. It really makes the entire experience so much more memorable and fun. 

What you need

Like I said before, you do not need very many items to create this project. The only thing you require is card stock in two different textures. First, you will need cardboard in a flat color. For Christmas, I love the traditional colors such as red, green, and gold, but feel free to choose colors that represent your color style or gift wrapping paper. For the second set of papers, you will choose those same colors in their glitter paper versions. The papers I used to complete this project, I purchased at my local Michales for under a dollar a sheet. You can create about 6 gift tags on each sheet of paper, so make sure you pick up enough sheets of paper for how many gift tags you are going to need to make. This portion is not pictured, but you will also need to purchase string to tie your gift tags to the ribbons and bows of all your gifts.

Free SVGs for the project

This project comes with several free SVGs that you can download here. A snowman, Santa hat, ornament, Christmas tree, and reindeer are all available for you to use for free. The download file also comes with a plain gift tag. You will use the gift tag without a cut-out for the back portion of the tags.

Instructions for creating your glitter gift tags

Once you have all your SVGs downloaded, upload everything into your Cricut Design Space. I measured and sized all of my gift tags to approximately 3 inches. But measure your boxes and size your tags according to what you think the best size is for your box. Typically, gift tags are between 2-4 inches, depending on the gift. But they can be bigger or smaller. I would not size too small as you won’t be able to really see the silhouette cut out on the gift-tag once you are done if it’s too small. 

After you have sized your tags, use the eye icon and deselect everything except the plain tag with no cutout. This will be your glitter tag backing. Copy and paste until you have 6 tags on your Cricut Design Space (less or more depending on how large or small you sized your glitter tags.) 

Set up your cutting mat and make sure your dial on your Cricut is set to card stock. Cut out however many glitter sheets you need for your gifts.

Glitter gift tags cut out with Cricut

Pop-out all your glitter gift tags and set aside. 

Deselect the plain gift tag and hide it on your Cricut Design Space. Then select your silhouette gift tags. Cutting out one sheet at a time, set up your mat with plain colored paper, and cut out your project. 

Cricut made gift tags

Your gift tags should pop out of the cards relatively easily. 

Once you are finished cutting everything out, lay out your plain colored glitter gift tags and layer on the corresponding plain color silhouette gift tags on top of them. You should be able to clearly see the glitter is now showing through the tops of the plain color silhouette creating a pretty layered effect. 

If your plain colored gift tags do not have holes on the top, use a hole puncher to punch out the tops in the same space the holes are in on the plain colored paper gift tags. 

Finish up your project by tying a string around the two gift tags by their holes on the top and secure to your gift. 

Glitter gift tags made with Cricut

More ideas for this project

You could also alternate the colors of the glitter gift tags and the colored paper to show a colorful silhouette inside the shapes of the background. 

Make gift tag ornaments by tying the string into a loop and stringing them onto your tree. 

If you already have glitter wrapping paper omit the glitter paper step and just use the colored sheets of paper for a non-layered gift tag. 

Use silver or gold paint pens to write out the names of gift recipients on your gift tags. 

You could also use the welding tool in Cricut Design Space to type out the names of your gift recipients on each gift tag. Weld the name to each tag and Cricut will cut out the names as well as the silhouette on the bottom of the tag. 

If you want the glitter gift tags to be on top and the plain color paper on the bottom, switch the papers around to change it up. 

Tie your string into a bow at the top of your gift tag before looping it around for another creative effect.

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