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Mixed Media Clay Decorative Pieces

Mixed Media Clay Decorative Pieces main article image
Posted on May 12, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Clay work can be so relaxing.  Adding a few unusual details can make the outcome totally different from anticipated. Clay art is fun and while this is a pretty simple design, it’s how you apply the color and details that make the difference.

Creative Fabrica has lots of files that could be incorporated.  For this project, the following file was used to create stencils to apply to the clay.

Hand-draw Floral Elements Doodle Flowers

You’ll also need:
Polymer Clay – white  (Sculpey Original was used)
SCAL 5 Pro Software
Markers (Ohuhu Alcohol markers – 1, 8, 28, 47, 48)
Glass plate
tissue blade
Lumiere by Jacquard (Pewter)
NUVO Crystal Drops (Pale Gold)
Clay/ Pasta Machine
Acrylic Roller
Ikonart Stencil kit

If you want to view the whole process via video, please check out the video below!


Let’s get started by creating the stencil

Open the SCAL program.  Import the desired elements from the digital file you’ve downloaded and arrange them on the mat within a 3×4-inch rectangle or size of your choosing.  Reverse the image.  Many of the images are small and have some fine details.  Print the image on the transparent film in the kit made for your printer.  The Inkjet film was used.  Make sure that the appropriate settings for transparency are set on your printer.

The next step is to make the stencil.  Follow the directions found here.

While your stencil is drying, condition the clay according to the manufacturer’s directions.  Run the clay through the machine at the widest setting (it’s #1 on the pasta machine used for this project).

You’ll need 2 slabs measuring 3-inches x 4-inches.

Remove the back from the stencil.  Set that aside.  Carefully lay the stencil on the clay slab.  The clay will offer a slightly sticky surface and keep the stencil in place.

Apply paint onto stencil

Draw a layer of paint across the top of the stencil with a light touch.  Using the squeegee, pull the paint down the face of the clay slab.  The Pewter paint will add a touch of glitter to the clay when it is dry.  It takes about 5 minutes to dry on the clay.

To watch the process, please refer to the video.


Bake in oven

Once you’ve added most of the first layer of color to the clay, remove the clay from the working surface if that surface cannot go into the oven.  The oven should preheat to 275o F. and once it’s come to temperature, place the clay on a surface you can place into the oven (use a surface that is dedicated to clay and will not be used for food).  An old cake pan lined with foil was used for this slab.  Bake for 15 minutes for every ¼ inch of depth.  Once you’ve baked the clay, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool.

Add and blend additional color as desired using the markers.  The Ohuhu markers are alcohol-based and easy to blend on the baked clay.

If the imperfections in the clay are bothersome (bubbles, or uneven edges), now is the time to do a little sanding.  Remove any dust before the next steps.  The imperfections were wanted for this piece, but you can certainly remove them if you desire.  If you’ve sanded any color off, you can add additional color now.

Decorate your piece

For a little more punch to the piece, add some NUVO drops in Pale Gold to the clay.  Allow it to dry for about an hour.

Next step is to apply a coat of glaze.  Sculpey’s Gloss Glaze was used.  You can apply with a foam brush or a wide brush for acrylics.  Let dry.  It takes about 30 minutes.  If humidity is high in your location, you will need to allow some extra drying time.

Frame the piece as desired.  For this piece, a 3D shadow box frame with additional inserts was used to prop the clay piece ABOVE the frame.  Consider using the Card Box Frames by the Gentleman Crafter as a base.  E6000 glue was used to secure the piece to the frame.

A neutral color of the textured paper was used for the frame.

More ways to make this project

Here’s another piece using the same clay technique – but framed differently.

Using only one of the floral doodles from the file and a word using the Spring Roll font, create the stencil.  Following the instructions above, stencil the paint onto the clay. Do not add additional color at this time.

Bake the clay according to the directions (275o for 15 minutes per ¼ inch of depth).  Let the clay cool.  For thinner pieces, there may be some flexibility in the clay.  This piece is ¼-inch deep.

Add color using your favorite medium.  Again, this piece was colored using alcohol markers (Ohuhu).  Frame as desired.

To finish this project, create a frame from the chipboard.  Make sure the inside cutout will “frame” the clay piece.  Cover the chipboard with textured paper.  Glue.  Place the clay into the frame and secure it with another piece of paper across the back.  A piece of wired ribbon was wrapped around and tied around this frame.  Add some foam tape to the back of this frame.  Set aside.

Make the book covers covering the chipboard with another piece of textured paper.  Glue the paper in place.  Add another piece to the inside of the cover.  The Bind-it-All was used to punch the covers.  Punch the inside pages (these could be planner inserts or sketchbook paper).  Add the O-wire and close according to the instructions included with your binder.

Add the framed piece to the front cover of the book – removing the release paper and centering.

Your projects are now complete.  So many different options.  Change the size of the clay piece or use a piece of jewelry embedded into the clay.  Use mica, Pearl-Ex, watercolor or acrylic paint for color.  Enjoy the options of using digital images and let your imagination soar.  Create a fun piece.  If you choose to make one of the two shared here, please be sure to tag #creativefabrica and or #nurtureyrheart on Facebook or Instagram.  We’d love to see your versions!

Check out Jan’s page on the Artistry or her blog for more inspiration.

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Mixed Media Clay Decorative Pieces

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