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20 creative crafts from the community

Get inspired by the crafts from our community.

We asked our community to share their recent crafting projects with us in our Crafter’s Wednesday Challenge hosted on our Facebook page, and the response was amazing! We saw a wide mix of summer projects; everything from embroidery designs, to porch signs and glass engravings.

Check out some of our community’s projects to get inspired yourself!

Porch bench

This was a popular one. I painted it with Yesteryear Gray Chalk Paint, then Willow Mist Chalk Paint, then waxed and distressed it. It was a beautiful shade when I finished. – Pamela

Embroidery design

This was my first time doing embroidery! It was a pre-made kit, but I was only supposed to do a few stitches (such as the rainbow, outline and flowers) and I went hog wild and filled the whole thing out. Since it was using variations of only straight, back and french knot stitch, it was great beginner project. I learned so much and a new passion, can’t wait to learn more stitches! – Lorna

Teacher appreciation design

Made this for my daughter’s classroom Ed Tech after she saw the one I gave to the teacher – she wanted me to make her one for her daughter’s teacher! This one came out better than the original! The blue polka dot background paper made the paper flowers POP! – Heather

Signs with vector designs

We stay busy with these! Love when I can incorporate fun vectors in the designs – Missy

Baby shirts with personalized prints

 I made some shirts with prints for my baby girl. – Jeanne

Cardstock design

I am fairly new and have only had my SnC (Scan and Cut machine) for a couple of months. So far I’ve created a lot of stuff with cardstock. But I am learning there is so much more. This is my latest. For Mothers Day. – Donna

Wood signs

I make wood signs, and nearly every single one of them is made using a Creative Fabrica font and/or graphic. I am so happy I found your site, I couldn’t do what I do without you! – Teri

Wedding table decoration

I did these table numbers for my daughter’s wedding. A bit of a challenge getting the right size of the ‘o’ next to the ‘N’, and some of the numbers had to be altered to look right. –  Ann

Felt Flowers

I just got hooked on felt flowers. Here are my kids teacher gifts and a few baby gifts. – Ashley

Bucket lights

I created these bucket lights that flash different colors. These are awesome for a bit of extra lighting, conversation piece, extra seating, and storage for small toys. I make tons of these to use for camping, pool, hot tub, patio etc. – Sheila

Autism Awareness T-shirt print

My shirt for Autism Awareness month. The layers of the design almost drove me crazy, but I got her done. – Georgia

Sublimation printed t-shirt design

This daddysaurus t-shirt for Father’s Day is sublimation printed made with my goddaughter’s handprints for the dinosaur spikes and her big sister’s colouring-in of my dinosaur. They loved making it and their dad will definitely feel Roar-some knowing his girls created something so special for him. – Laura


Night light birth stats block

I made a night light birth stats block for my niece. – Kristin

Door mat with personal print

 I used my Cricut to create a stencil using fonts from Creative Fabrica, and the freezer paper method. Pressed it with heat, then sprayed it with Black Flex Seal. Super easy and a lot of fun! – Terran

Bread box design with farm design

I repurposed my old oak Bread box. – Karen

Wood cutting

Summer is my time to break out the power tools and do some wood cutting. Cut, paint than seal and it is ready to hang. – LeeAnn

Wall Hang on canvas

I used this cut file Home is where you herd is to make this wall hang from canvas, wood & paint. This is one that gets lots of compliments. – Jessica

Birthday design: Hat, bow and shirt

A matching shirt, bow, and party hats all for my baby girls 2nd birthday. – Kayleigh

Kitchen towel prints

I used HTV cut by cricut and the word ‘Sweet’ was handwritten by me. The text ‘Home’ is written with the Inflatable Flamingo font. – Carissa


Thank you all for sharing your work and being an inspiration to us all! Keep an eye out for our next Crafter’s Challenge on our  Facebook page.

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