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Craft Tutorial: Personalized Stationary Labels

A fun & easy DIY project!

If you are looking for a cute and easy Cricut (or Silhouette/Brothers) project, we got just the DIY for you! Crafter Kerri have put together this crafting tutorial on how to create your personalized own stationary labels

This tutorial features fonts from the Bargain Bundle Vol.10 – get 40 fonts and 120 craft files for just $5!

Materials needed

  • Cutting Machine (In the tutorial a Cricut Explorer Air 2 was used)
  • Cricut standard grip mat or equivalent
  • Fine point blade
  • Printer
  • Sticker Paper
  • Stationary for labeling (In the tutorial colored pencils and a notebook was used)
  • Designs and fonts (Here we used Kidosplay, Comic Speeds fonts – they can be purchased for $5 together with 40 other fonts adn 120 craft file designs here – and Australia Friends Clipart collection + collection 03)

How to create personalized stationary labels

Open Cricut Design Space or other design program and select new project.

Click on Shapes and select the square, click the padlock icon in the bottom left hand corner of the square and change it to a rectangle or you can click on images and select shapes from there. For these labels we wanted curved edges. Then change the color to white (or your desired color).

Click on Text and type in desired text. Change the font by clicking on the text box and in the top left corner there is a flip town list to choose from. We used Comic Speeds and Kidosplay – get them here. Read here how you can install and use your own fonts in Cricut Design Space. You can also change the color, font size and line spacing if required.

Then its time to add an image. Read here how to upload the image in Cricut Design Space. Click on Upload, upload image and search your computer for desired image. Once you have found it click on it and it will open as below. We selected to save the image as Complex, as it makes sure to keep all little details and coloring, click continue then continue again, save images as print and cut image. Select uploaded image and insert images.

Resize the image to fit inside your rectangle. Either click on bottom right hand corner arrows or use the size boxes up the top.

Select all items on the page and align everything vertically, then select flatten on the bottom right hand corner.

Click on the label and resize to fit your desired items. We did 4” by 0.93” for the notebook label and 1.2”by 0.3in for the pencil labels.

Click Make It, continue then send to printed. Once you select your printer, click on Print.

Apply your printed sticker paper to you mat and start cutting.

Apply labels on the stationary. You can cover labels with clear contact if you want extra protection.

Happy Crafting!

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