DIY: How to create a sparkling Glitter Tumbler

DIY: How to create a sparkling Glitter Tumbler main article image
Posted on January 3, 2020 by Linnea Holgersson

New year, and so many new crafts to explore and create! We hope that this is the year that you will test a new type of craft! Why not start out with this sparkling glitter tumbler, created by crafter Brittany from Secret Pineapple Co? In this tutorial you will learn step-by-step how you can recreate this beautiful craft.

Supplies needed

-Sand Paper
-Spray Paint
-Silicon Brush (optional)
-Epoxy Resin
-Mod Podge (optional)
-Cup Turner
-Clear Sealer
-Decals/Images (optional) Here is a similar quote to the one used on the picture.

How to create a DIY glitter tumbler

blue glitter tumbler with script font

1. Begin prepping by sanding and washing your tumbler. Next, prime with spray paint matching the color of your desired glitter.

2. Using a silicone brush or gloved finger, apply a layer of epoxy or mod podge to completely cover the tumbler. Remove any excess to ensure a thin, even layer.

3. Sprinkle glitter generously over the entire tumbler, tapping off excess glitter to avoid chunky or patchy areas. Allow time to dry.

4. Seal glitter on the tumbler with a gloss clear spray sealer or brush on mod podge. Allow tumbler to dry.

5. Mix even ratios and pour the epoxy onto the tumbler. Smoothing out as you go with a silicone brush or gloved finger will ensure the entire cup is completely coated. *Please follow specific directions and safety precautions provided when mixing/applying epoxy.

6. Let your tumbler spin on a cup turner until the epoxy hardens (approx 6-12 hours).

7. Apply any decals or designs.

black and white script font quote

Get the Make a wish upon a Starfish SVG here.

light blue t shirt with silver quote

Get the Wish upon a Starfish SVG here.

black and white quotes bundle

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8. Lastly, apply final thin layer of epoxy on the entire surface (including lip and bottom), spin until the epoxy hardens. Leave your tumbler to rest until the epoxy is completely cured (approx 48-72 hours). Wash with soap and water and it’s ready to keep your drink hot/cold all day!

glittery tumblers with blue sparkle quotes

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Wendy Boulay

April 13, 2021

I admit that I have been intimidated to try making these, but thanks to your tutorial I think I am going to go for it! Thank you!

Linnea Holgersson's profile picture
Linnea Holgersson

April 13, 2021


You should definitely try it! They are really beautiful and there are so many fun ways to personlize them!

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