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DIY Wedding Tutorial: Paper Flower Letter

DIY Wedding Tutorial: Paper Flower Letter main article image
Posted on June 4, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to create this beautiful letter with paper flowers. You won’t need expensive supplies, and the results are impressive.

This ornamental craft will look great as a decoration in a DIY wedding. It can also add a shabby-chic touch to your house or studio. If you’d like to learn how to make it, follow the steps!

Supplies Needed


  • Cutting machine
  • 65 lb cardstock (close to 100 sheets depending on the size of your letter)
  • Paper flower SVG templates (
  • Wood letter (the one that appears on the images is from Michael’s)
  • Hot glue gun/sticks
  • Light grip adhesive mat
  • Quilling tool – optional
  • Hot glue finger protectors – optional




The first step is to get these free rolled flower templates. All that’s required is a valid email address. These are the ones that I used for all of my flowers!

Next, you’ll upload the SVG file into Cricut design space. To do that,  click on the “Upload” button on the left side of the screen in Design Space. In the menu, select “Upload Image.”

Find the SVG file you just downloaded and choose that and click open. Lastly, name the image whatever you would like and click “Save.”

After doing that, click on “Upload” again. The SVG file should be the first one you see. Click on the file and it will pop up on your canvas. Your screen should look like the image below.


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Now, you can use any flowers you like, but I only used a few of these. I originally printed one of each to see which I liked the best and I chose these 5! They’re in their original places, I just deleted the ones around them I didn’t like by ungrouping all of the flowers and deleting specific ones.


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


After that I just randomly started making a variety of sizes and styles (completely random, there was no method to this madness) out of these five until my canvas looked like this:


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


I didn’t even bother attaching the flowers to the canvas, I was just going to let the program place them all for me to cut. I just clicked “Make It” and changed my paper size to 8.5” x 11” (letter) because that’s the size cardstock I could find in the variety pack at Michael’s, and then clicked continue.

I selected my material as 60lb cardstock and then changed the pressure to more. I found that on my first cut the paper wasn’t cutting all the way through with the default pressure and when I switched it to more pressure it worked like a charm.

Put your 65lb cardstock of choice on your light grip mat (if you use standard grip, the paper tends to rip when you try to take it off) and just click cut and let your cutter do its magic!

Optional step (but highly recommended): While your cutter is starting to cut out those flower templates, you should cover the letter of your choice in the cardstock colors you chose. I chose to do ombre maroon from the bottom up and I traced the K in the sections I wanted each color. I then used my Exacto knife to cut out each of the sections and hot glued them on. You could also use scissors.

I only did this step because I didn’t want to be able to see any white/blank spots in between the flowers when they don’t get close enough together (which does happen: I didn’t do this step when I first started with the darkest maroon and I had to go back into each crack/on the sides and shove in ripped up pieces of the cardstock to cover the white spots).

Once your cutting machine is finished, pull the paper up by grabbing one corner of the paper and pull up slowly. If you pull up too fast you may pull up the spirals along with the scrap paper -which isn’t ideal-. Now you should be left with something like this:


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Now carefully peel off the spirals and set them aside. Place another piece of cardstock down and cut the next page for efficiency. While your cutting machine is cutting the next page, you can start to assemble some of the flowers you just cut. To start, grab one of the spirals. A quilling tool can be useful for this step. Start with the outside edge of the spiral and insert the end into your quilling tool like this:


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Then spin the paper using the quilling tool until it’s rolled all the way up like this:


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Remove the spiral carefully from the quilling tool and let it unravel a little bit so that the petals are spread out a little more.

Take the last dot on the bottom (see photo below) and use your hot glue to glue the flower in place (see the other photo below):

After this your flower will look like this:

DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Another optional step: I like the petals on my flowers to look a little flared out. All you have to do to make them look that way is to take your thumb and with a little bit of pressure push outwards (from the middle of the flower to the outside) and then your flower will look like this:


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


Continue this process for each flower/color and hot glue the flowers down randomly on to the letter in whichever way you like and think they look good! I had no pattern, I just placed them wherever I liked them. I tended to try not to put too many big ones next to each other just because I liked that look better, but it’s really whatever you like best!


DIY Wedding Tutorial Paper Flower Letter


And voila! About 180 flowers later (more or less depending on the sizes you choose to go with) you should have your finished product!

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