Get inspired by the Creative Fabrica community

Get inspired by the Creative Fabrica community main article image
Posted on July 12, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson

Seeing how our community uses the fonts, graphics and crafts from our site is a great source of inspiration! 

In our Crafter’s Challenge, we ask our community to share their most recent and favorite crafting project.  In the early summer months, you’ve been busy creating amazing t-shirt prints, signs, and prints.

Check out some of the crafting projects from the Creative Fabrica community below and get inspired!

Printed t-shirt and handmade tutu

First birthday outfit for my niece! To create the tutu, I used a crochet headband to thread the tulle through and then lined the waistband with ribbon! Katie

Monogram t-shirt print

This is shirt I created for our church’s VBS this summer. Every piece of this was created from Creative Fabrica files. From mock-up shirt to lion monogram frame by Creative Fabrica Craft and the fonts Lolapeluza and Lion Teen font. Did I mention I love my Creative Fabrica All Access membership!? – Janel

Flour sack towels

I love making flour sack towels. – Melissa

T-shirt print with flock vinyl

I used the Cricut Maker to create this design. I know the one just below the Cricut Maker will do shirts, but I want to do other things soon and have some thin wood I’d like to craft. I love my Cricut. You can’t tell in the picture too well, but the black horns are flock vinyl (it’s fuzzy to the touch) the other vinyl is soft metallic and spectrum. They are what makes the colors pop. – Georgia

Holographic vinyl tee

The print on this t-shirt is holographic vinyl and looks different at different angles and lighting. – Krista

Wooden blocks with print

The prints on the blocks are hand painted and I used a stencil to create them. – Lyndell

Cardstock design

To create this design I used cardstock and I put it in a shadow box. I did use a little ink on the edges of the paper to give it depth. – Georgia

Wooden sign

To create this I used Alder wood, 813 stencil cut with Cricut painted and distressed with Seapaint. – Lyneda

Biblical quotes and paper flowers

To create this I used papers and my cutting machine. – Cherilyn

Farmhouse sign

I used pallet wood and created a stencil on my Cricut, and painted the words on myself. – Amanda

If you want to get further inspired, check out our last challenge, in which our community shared some of their favorite summer crafts.
Thank you all for participating in this round of the Crafter’s Wednesday Challenge! We are looking forward to seeing what you submit in the
next challenge.


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Get inspired by the Creative Fabrica community

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