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How to Create This High-end Rooster Decor with CF Graphics

How to Create This High-end Rooster Decor with CF Graphics main article image
Posted on May 9, 2023 by Jennifer Carroll

I think that most people love art. We all admire talent and if we are blessed with an ability of one kind or another we feel doubly blessed when we can use our talent to make a living. I know I feel that every single day.

One of the ways I use art to create income for my family is with craft workshops. Every month the local library hosts our workshop and a few dozen adults, and a few teenagers learn to make a home décor item. Our next class is in just a few days, and we are making painted glass projects.

I absolutely love this project because we are using graphics from right here on Creative Fabrica to create our own art. I’ve been excited about this idea for weeks because it makes art attainable for absolutely everyone. Keep reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Supplies You Will Need

  • A frame with glass
  • Black leading paint
  • Glass or multi-surface paint
  • Clear school glue
  • Printed line art or the ability to draw your own

I have an inordinate number of frames in my workshop. So, this will not be the only upcycle you’ll see from me using old frames. If you have any ideas, please send them my way. My husband will thank you.

The size of your frame will determine the size of your artwork, so decide on a frame first. You will need simple line art to complete this project. Nothing with details or shading is necessary.

The very first step is to clean the glass thoroughly on both sides. I use rubbing alcohol for a streak-free result.

I chose this beautiful rooster image from CF. This artist has dozens of illustrations that lend themselves well to this project. From flowers to farm animals and dozens of dog breeds, this artist has you covered.

Choose a graphic that fits the format of your frame. If your frame is square, then you want an image that will fill the space up in the same proportion.

The frame I chose is 16”x24”. I wanted my image to take up almost all the available space, so I put my image in Excel and sized it accordingly. I printed out the image across several sheets of paper then I trimmed the borders and arranged the papers to make a big pattern of my image.

I love this next step because I know that when my students see the sample project that I made, some of them are going to wonder how on earth they are going to make this project. This is how.

Put your paper pattern under the glass and use the black leading paint to trace the image onto the glass.

Pro Tip: If it matters which way the image appears or if there is text on your image then print your pattern in reverse and trace it onto the glass that way.

The precision tip of the glass leading bottle will allow you to trace your image very accurately. I added lines to the background of my rooster image to make it look like an actual stained-glass piece. I did this with a pencil on the paper pattern then I
traced it onto the glass as part of the picture.

You will be working on what will become the backside of your image, so you won’t be able to turn your glass over until everything is dry.

Once you have your image traced onto the glass give the leading paint a few minutes to set up. While you’re waiting you can decide which paint colors you want to use.

I tried this project with just paint and I tried it with clear glue combined with paint. I like it much better with clear glue. The glue is thicker, and it takes just a small amount of paint to tint the glue. Without glue, it takes a lot of paint to produce a more opaque image. If you’re going for a more translucent look then stick with just the paint. It will be more difficult to get a consistent laydown and it will be streaky.

Since we’re using clear glue as our medium you could use just about anything to color glue. I used food coloring, Easter egg dye, alcohol ink, and acrylic paint. I even added glitter to the mixture because roosters are fancy that way!

When you’re ready to add the paint and color to your image, just take your time. I love the therapeutic nature of this project. I set up at my kitchen table, put my favorite channel on the television, and had a very relaxing afternoon with my paintbrushes. As I mentioned, we’re painting on the back side of our project. Keep your paint inside the black lines but don’t worry about perfection. I wanted my project to be opaque so I put the glue on thick. The black leading paint is raised so that really helps keep the paint colors separated.

While my project was drying I decided that I wanted the frame to be black so I painted it with chalk paint. Black really made the colors in this piece pop.

My frame already had a hanging attachment on it. I haven’t hung in my home yet but when I do I think I’m going to hang it in a window.  To do that I will need to add cup hooks to the top so that it can hang freely from two chains. If that is how you want to display your work, just make sure you drill pilot holes for those hooks.

The very last step of this project was to add the glass back to the frame. I used e6000 glue to adhere the glass to the inside of the frame. While it was drying I added a layer of hot glue around the outside edge of the glass. This formed an immediate bond and by the time the e6000 dried, I knew that glass wasn’t going anywhere.

I hope you’re inspired to make beautiful art this week and until next time – happy crafting!

Please follow me here to see my latest creations.

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1 Comment
Lin Carter

May 14, 2023

Done ✅ best wishes everyone

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