How to make a Baby Crib Box Card

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Posted on October 17, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson from Creative Fabrica

Welcoming a new family member is always an exciting moment, so why not create a card to match the special occasion! This Box Card is no regular 2D card, and takes cardmaking to a whole new level with a cool 3D effect.

In this tutorial crafter Katie O’Donnell-Vicente will walk us though how you can create your very own Baby Crib Box Card made entirely out of paper!

How to create a Baby Crib Box Card

Supplies needed:

  • A die-cutting machine (I used a Cricut machine)
  • Cricut light grip mat (blue)
  • Cardstock, any weight (I used 65 lb recollections from Michaels)
  • Glue (I used art glitter glue)

Hi, my name is Katie and I am an avid Cricut lover and crafter!
I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and when I saw a similar card, I knew I had to make it! I wasn’t able to find a file so I took on the challenge of creating my own! I have put together a picture tutorial to help you create and assemble your own!

Start with a crib image as a base. I have included the image number I used if you would like to follow along.

I wanted to remove the knobs so I selected the contour button and removed each one.

Then duplicate the crib piece and use ‘contour’ again to remove the slats and make a solid piece for the back.

The add a circle from the shapes option, make it the width of the solid piece, and use the align tool to center it horizontally and vertically. Then, move the circle until it aligns with the top and weld it.

You now have the front and back pieces of your card.

Now, duplicate the solid back piece, unlock it and change the width to 2”. You can choose any width based on how large or small you want your card. These will form the side pieces of your card.

To add accent pieces, make a circle the width of the card and scale it down a little. When you’re  happy with the size, add a square, unlock and stretch it to be the length of the crib piece. Now, select the circle and rectangle and slice.

Now remove all the pieces you do not want and then duplicate the remaining piece, unlock and stretch to size for your side panel.

Then select the side panel with the corresponding piece and slice to produce a crib-like effect. Remove all pieces you don’t want and continue.

I selected a tab from images to add to my side panels for easy assembly. I have included the tab image number if you would like to follow along.

Select the contour button to remove the small holes from the tab image.

Use a square to trim the tab down by using the slice function. Once you have the final piece,  measure the leg of the crib and size the tab piece so it fits. Mine was .25”.

Then duplicate the tab piece, and flip it so you have one for each side.

Now, select the shapes icon and select a score line.

Now, place my your score lines where you want them and love my tabs in. You can then hide the score lines in your layers panel, select the tabs and side panel and weld. Then unhide the score lines and use the arrange tool to move them to the front and then attach.

Your pieces should now look similar to this.

Duplicate your side panel so you have two, one for each side.

I added accents to my side panels, if you would like to do that as well, add some squares and size them appropriately.

Now add a rectangle shape to go behind the front of the crib . Make it slightly narrower, but ensure it will meet with the top and that it covers the slats.

Duplicate the rectangle piece and repeat the steps to add tabs and score lines for your inside panels. I used two but you can use as many as you would like.

Now duplicate the semi circle accent piece, add a score line, weld the semi circle and rectangle and then attach the score line. I have the maker so before I attached the score line I changed the line type to wavy to add a little extra flair.

These are the pieces you should now have.

You can also add cute images to decorate your crib.

I like to arrange everything before I cut to get a nice visual. I also like to lay out all pieces before gluing.

I prefer Art Glitter Glue with the fine point tip for projects like this.

I prefer to glue all the small pieces before assembly.

Now we are ready to assemble!

First, attach the inside of the crib piece to the front crib piece with slats.

Now attach one side panel. It doesn’t matter which one goes first.

Attach the front piece to the other side of the side panel. Attach your inside panels, it will now look like this.

Attach the remaining side panel to the front and back pieces as well as the inside panels.

You are done! Great job!

Bonus! It folds flat!

For more of my work and my tutorials you can check out the Cricut group I moderate and my YouTube channel!

Happy Crafting!

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