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How to write a blog article for The Artistry

How to write a blog article for The Artistry main article image
Posted on January 14, 2021 by Dani Zieren

You might have thought about becoming a contributor but didn’t quite know where to start. Here are some tips and tricks on writing your first article.

What to write about 

Any craft-related articles are welcome on The Artistry. As a crafter, you are already an expert on these topics! Maybe you have found the perfect embroidery machine, gathered awesome crafts for Easter projects, or have a personal crafting story that you’d like to share.

If you’re a designer and would like to share some of your products in an article, a fun way to do this is to show ways of using your design in crafting projects.

In a community filled with creative people like yourself, your fellow crafters share the same interests and would love to hear about your experiences and tips.

Tip: Think about recent articles you read and what made them fun to read, and try to apply these tricks to your own blog post!

How to write a blog post 

People tend to be a little bit less patient when they’re reading online than they are when sitting down to read a book. Long articles can feel daunting to read on a computer screen, maybe even more so on tablets and phones. Help your readers out by making your articles easy to read.

  1. Pick a pretty image that fits your article content, a title that summarizes your article, add an intro, and make sure to pick the right category. These four parts of your article are the first things your readers will see before they decide to read it.
  2. Divide your article into smaller paragraphs and add headers and subheaders to allow readers to see what your article is about at a glance.
  3. Add images throughout your article to illustrate what you’ve written. This makes your article even more fun to read, especially to a creative community

How people will find your content

New articles are featured on the front page of The Artistry in the Just In section, so initially, this might be how people find your articles. Depending on how often others favorite your articles they might end up under Top Stories or All time favorites! Readers that like your article might start following you.

When your article gets published on The Artistry, a post with a link is automatically added to your feed. This way your followers on Creative Fabrica will be notified of each of your blog posts.

As soon as your first article gets published, you also get your own author page. This page will be a collection of all the articles you’ve written and is a great way to share your content with family and friends.

You’re ready!

If you’ve made it this far, you should give writing your own article a try! We’re excited to see what you’ve been crafting, thinking, and learning!

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Danitscha van Zijverden

February 1, 2021

Thank you!


February 1, 2021

Great tips, will try to submit my first article soon - cannot wait to see how it goes!

Dani Zieren's profile picture
Dani Zieren

February 1, 2021


Glad you like them 🙂

Roemie Hillenaar

January 16, 2021

Very useful!

Creative Fabrica
Roemie Hillenaar from Creative Fabrica

February 1, 2021

Creative Fabrica

Just re-read it again, great article!

User's profile picture

February 1, 2021

I agree!

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