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I Just got my first cricut

I Just got my first cricut main article image
Posted on January 1, 2021 by Samantha Arps

A few years back my sister in law got a machine and started a business, making things and selling them. I never was interested in one until I started looking on pinterest, seeing all the wonderful things that can be made. So I started writing down notes of things that I wanted to make labels for or t shirts with sayings I saw online that I was going to purchase but changed my mind, because the cost of them. So this past fall I mentioned to a friend who had a machine that I would be possibly interested in buying a tshirt if she could make it for me and how much. 50 bucks for a t shirt I provide to her to stick an iron on for me. I was appalled. There is a back story, so my husband is handy with wood working, we have our own sawmill and he made me a coat rack with rail spikes and all tarnished it was beautiful. So I shared it on social media.

This same person who I was going to have make me a tshirt that I provided to her commented about how beautiful it was and she would be interested in purchasing one. Since were not like that, we just gave it to her. So when time came for me to ask for a shirt not that I assumed she would do it for free, but considering what we had done for her literally a few weeks prior, she would be a little forgiving on the cost. She wasn’t.

So I told my husband at that point I wanted my own machine so I can make my own stuff. He purchased me one for Christmas and I absolutely love it I just need more time at home to make things. I work full time and it doesn’t allow much craft time. So when I got the machine naturally I started looking for places to purchase supplies and came across this site. I have yet to learn how to use this site and my machine better, but I’m learning.

So far I created a label for my laundry soap, I make my own soap and have for years been keeping it in a glass jar I purchased at the dollar tree. And sometimes my son asks me mom what jar is the soap, because there is one for the tide pods and one for the home made soap and one for the unstopables fabric beads.

So I made my first label, the frist attempt was not the best, I made the label and when I went to print the words it cut the words from my label I made, Ooooppps. Beginners, But the second thing I made was another label since the first one I ruined. I also just learned that my machine had a drawer in the lid that folds down. All thanks to the facebook groups I have joined since getting my machine. 

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