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Meet a creative: Misti

We love glitter and we love her!

Meet the creative: Misti


Misti Hammers is the type designer behind amazing and popular fonts like I love Glitter. She is a 29-year-old artist from Dresden, Germany. Since the year 2013, she’s been designing fonts on paper, with the computer, and on the iPad.
Houston Paris Budapest. Technically but Not Actually. Still Kinda Ridiculous. These are just some examples of the original namings that Misti picks for her designs. Her catalog has up to 259 different fonts. For the last seven years, this has been her job. “It started as a hobby,” -she says- “but over time, I was making enough money to do this full-time.”


Misti likes to appear on the thumbnail of some of her types. You can check her font Misti Nicole here.
Misti likes to appear in the thumbnail of some of her types. Check this font here!

How do you usually find inspiration?

I am always looking at lettering and fonts online and in real life. I also just experiment drawing letterforms and see what happens.

Could you please describe your creative process?

I just create whatever I am inspired to create in that moment, and I go with the flow. I try to post a new font about once a week, but sometimes it takes longer. I mostly create the fonts on the computer in Adobe Illustrator, but lately I have been drawing the fonts on my iPad.

What is the thing that you like about your design job the most?

I really enjoy always being creative and sharing my work with others. I also like how flexible my work is, so that I can work anywhere in the world.

What is the font you have created that makes you feel more proud?

I was really proud of my font, Dream Her, as it was difficult to make. I am happy with the results.

Did you expect to make a living out of this? Could you imagine that your fonts would become this successful?

In the beginning, I did not expect to make money from this. However, people started offering to pay for my work, which was very surprising to me. I definitely did not expect my work to become so popular over time.


By Me is a sweet handwritten font. You can check it here.
By Me is a sweet handwritten font. You can check it here.

Looking back, what would have you done differently?

I think I would have started learning more about typography and type design sooner. Lately, I have been working on educating myself on the practical side of typography and type design. I think this is important to make better-designed fonts.

What is the next thing you would like to create?

I want to delve more into creating Sans-Serif, Serif, Blackletter, and Graffiti styled fonts.

Can you give us some tips for somebody that wants to start crafting their first project?

  • Find a style that really appeals to you and work on developing that to the best of your ability.
  • Be inspired, but don’t copy other people’s work.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.


You can learn more about Misti and her work at her website. Don’t forget to check her store at Creative Fabrica!

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