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October winners Spark $100K contest

October winners Spark $100K contest main article image
Posted on November 1, 2022 by Roemie Hillenaar from Creative Fabrica

The winners for the $100K giveaway ( are:

Please make sure to congratulate the winners by leaving a comment on their product!
Want to also participate in the $100K giveaway, make sure to join the new contest here:


Place Price Winning Creation Link Creator
1 $20,000 Whimsical Detailed Fantasy Crow With Flowers And Glitter View View Creator
2 $10,000 Black And Gold Fractal Gems View View Creator
3 $5,000 Amazing Detailed Cute African Brown Skin Angel Baby Dark Brown Curls Realistic Big Eyes Headshot Portrait Center Realistic Detailed Hands Intricate Detailed Flowing Dress In The Style Of Anna Liwanag Lots Of Detailed View View Creator
4 $5,000 Fantasy Fawn Graphic View View Creator
5 $5,000 Silent Night Background Scene View View Creator
6 $5,000 Fantasy Wolf With Flowers View View Creator
7 $5,000 Princess 8k Graphic View View Creator
8 $2,500 Cute And Adorable Witch Cat Portrait View View Creator
9 $2,500 White And Gold Glitter Background View View Creator
10 $2,500 Beautiful African Woman With Braids Against An Alien Landscape At Night View View Creator
11 $2,500 Stunning Rendition Of FullBody Sculpture Beautiful Unicorn Horse Botticelli Glitter Flowing Mane Renaissance View View Creator
12 $2,500 Gold And White Shine Background View View Creator
13 $2,500 Green Red And Gold Glitter Background View View Creator
14 $2,500 Beautiful Christmas Village Scenery By Thomas Kinkade View View Creator
15 $2,500 Unicorn Botticelli Fractal Sculpture View View Creator
16 $2,500 Beautiful 4k Dark Brown Skinned Girl Dressed As A Disney Princess View View Creator
17 $2,500 Intricate Halloween Home Interior Digital Painting View View Creator
18 $1,000 FantasyWolf With Flowers View View Creator
19 $1,000 Autumn Fantasy Sketch View View Creator
20 $1,000 Dark Skin Adorable Woman Portrait View View Creator
21 $1,000 Whimsical Detailed Steampunk Owl With Flowers View View Creator
22 $1,000 Highly Realistic Brown Skin African Bride With White Rose Bouquet View View Creator
23 $1,000 Fantasy Wolf With Flowers View View Creator
24 $1,000 Fantasy Fairy Baby Deer View View Creator
25 $1,000 Amazing Detailed Cute African Brown Skin Woman Digital Art View View Creator
26 $1,000 Fantasy Reindeer With Flowers View View Creator
27 $500 Owl On A Bed Of Thorns View View Creator
28 $500 Fractal Gems By James Jean View View Creator
29 $500 Fantasy Reindeer With Flowers View View Creator
30 $500 Beautiful Whimsical Unicorn Horse View View Creator
31 $500 Beautiful Christmas Scenery By Thomas Kinkade View View Creator
32 $500 Whimsical Dark Dragon With Flowers View View Creator
33 $500 African American Princess Graphic View View Creator
34 $500 Beautiful 4k Dark Brown Skin Disney Princess Vector View View Creator
35 $500 Owl On A Bed Of Flowers View View Creator
36 $500 Beautiful Branch Of White Roses With Blue Leaves Metal Butterflies Pearls Gold Dust And Luminous Gilded Engravings View View Creator
37 $500 Beautiful Cozy Christmas By Thomas Kinkade Karol Bak Wendy Froud View View Creator
38 $500 Cute Adorable White Owl Cartoon Character Christmas Elf Highly Detailed Digital Painting Well Rendered Matte Fantasy Painting By Jason Felix By Steve Argyle By Tyler Jacobson By Peter Mohrbacher Cinematic Lighting Kawaii Harajuku View View Creator
39 $500 Fantasy Baby Reindeer In Snow View View Creator
40 $500 Elven Ruins Graphic View View Creator
41 $500 Anthropomorphic Snowman Graphic By JeanBaptiste Monge View View Creator
42 $500 Cute Witch Cat Portrait View View Creator
43 $500 Cute And Adorable Witch Cat Portrait View View Creator
44 $500 Intricate Witch Home Interior Digital Graphic View View Creator
45 $500 Beautiful Dark Skin Girl Oil Painting By Sophie Anderson View View Creator
46 $500 African Princess 4k Graphic View View Creator
47 $500 Beautiful 4k Dark Brown Skinned Girl In Disney Princess Style View View Creator

Congratulations to all the winners! Earnings will be added to your wallets!
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January 2, 2023

The truth is that "designers" offer bribes, gifts, subscriptions... in exchange for downloads (SVG OnDemand, JuDelamura, Cocoa Twins) which totally distorts the results. That's why it's not the best who are there, but the ones who have no ethics. When you see some of the featured illustrations you wonder what they are doing there because the quality is mediocre... meanwhile, others are fighting to exist! Just look at their social networks to see their traffic. Even if they are sure they already have several winning illustrations, they continue because they want more! They know they are crushing the others but they don't care. Money comes first. Creative Fabrica should shut them out.

BK Creative Designs

December 9, 2022

Congrats to all the winners! =) I noticed some of the spots are the same people? can we win multiple slots in the contest? so if someone has say #2, #5, #20 spots for downloads - do they win all those prizes? Is there a limit someone can win? I know some people out there seem very discouraged but it seems like part of the trick is being in social media groups and then sharing our creations through there? How many shares does the algorithm count? like if we share it, the person we share it to shares it, the person they share it to shares it? do all those count under the first share? oh my, it can get complicated.....And there are many, many options to share! I don't even have accounts at all those places! My apologies for all my questions and chatter - I know I will never win, I just am very curious how it all works and all that, that's all. I am just having fun making stuff, haha.

are the contest will start again this month?

Creative Fabrica

Yes, the December contest is a new one that started this month!

Sikander Tariq

November 23, 2022

Amazing Art



November 6, 2022

Super Congrats to all the winners!


November 2, 2022

Thank you so much ☺️ that is amazing

Moonlight Creations

November 2, 2022

Congratulations to the winners! 🥳 I hope to join you next month... 😉! ♥


November 2, 2022

Congratulations to all the winners! This is awesome.

Cocoa Twins

November 1, 2022

Thank you! Im so excited to have won.

Twelve727's profile picture

November 2, 2022

Congratulations again to you. I'm happy for you.

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