10 YouTube channels to learn how to draw at home

10 YouTube channels to learn how to draw at home main article image
Posted on March 19, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you would like to learn how to draw from home, this post is for you. We have curated a selection of 10 artists that explain their creative process on YouTube. You will find experts in botanical illustration, in doodles, or anime aesthetic. Press play and see what works best for you! Drawing is a relaxing activity that makes time run fast. Enjoy!

Shayda Campbell



Shayda Campbell is a fantastic Canadian artist that loves to create floral illustrations. In her YouTube channel, you can learn how to draw beautiful flower doodles from scratch. You can also get some good floral bullet journal inspiration, and learn watercolor techniques. In her own words, she’s tried her best to make her channel a calm, inspirational space where you can approach the basics of drawing, journaling, and watercolor painting. She posts a new video twice a week. If you like her work, you can also become a patron at her Patreon. This way, you’ll also get exclusive content.


Marta is a Spanish artist based in A Coruña, in the Atlantic. She loves to draw, sew, and do cosplay. In her YouTube channel, you can learn how to draw by pencil from scratch. Even though the videos are in Spanish, she includes English captions, so more people can follow. Her explanations are straightforward, and the results of her artwork are amazing. You can also buy her artwork at her Etsy store, and download free templates for your crafts on her website.

Pic Candle

This Indian artist creates beautiful Kawaii illustrations. Following the steps of the tutorials on their YouTube channel, you can create them too! This channel is perfect for those who would like to learn how to draw doodles. It is easy and so much fun! You will also find tutorials for watercolor techniques, cardmaking, and supply reviews. If you like these drawings and you will like to support the creator, you can buy some of them on this Etsy store.

Christopher Hart

Christopher Hart is a leading how-to-draw author. His books have sold over 8 million titles translated into 20 languages. Luckily, you can also find his lessons and explanations on the video tutorials that he posts on his YouTube channel. Following his steps, you can learn to imitate his drawings and to create your own characters. We really enjoy following his creative process and listening to his calming voice. The explanations are in English, but the scenes are easy to follow for non-speakers as well. If you like this author’s work, you can find his books here.

Doodles by Sarah

Sarah Alberto is a freelance artist based in Sydney, Australia. She has been recording videos since 2015. Her illustrations are sweet, Kawaii doodles and her videos are so fun to watch and easy to follow. She has also published two books: Cute Kawaii Doodles and The Art of Doodle Words. Sarah is the perfect inspiration for those who want to learn to draw funny doodles from basic shapes. If you’re going to color her illustrations, you can find some free printables on her website.

Pypah’s Art

Filipa Santos (a.k.a. Pypah) is a 21-year-old Portuguese illustrator. She is currently studying Animations at Leeds Art University. Her YouTube channel is the perfect place to learn how to make figurative drawings step-by-step. The explanations are in English, and the quality of the recordings is excellent. On the video that we have featured in this article, Pypah explains how does she draw every feature that you need to create a face. Take a look and try to create your own! If you like this artist’s work, you can also follow her podcast. Right now, her shop is under construction.

Shinigami Arts

Mohammad lives in the United States. This artist is an expert on everything related to Manga and Anime aesthetics. Are you a fan of Japanese cartoons and comics? Then, these tutorials are a must for you. Following Mohammad’s steps, you will be able to draw your favorite characters, or even create your own. The drawings are quite complicated, but the videos are easy to follow. If you’d like to stay in touch with the artist, you can follow his Facebook page.

Draw so cute

Wennie is an illustrator, and she lives in the United States. She loves to draw and to craft. Her YouTube channel is an excellent source of tips and tutorials for those who want to learn how to make beautiful drawings with simple supplies. On her website, you will find activities and crafts for kids designed by her. You can also download her coloring pages for free. We hope you enjoy her fantastic artwork!


Super Easy Drawings

This channel uploads step-by-step drawing tutorials for kids and adults every week. It’s the perfect place to learn how to make simple drawings of anything you can imagine. You won’t need any unique supplies; regular markers are good enough to follow the instructions. The author does not have any shop or website, but you can also find their beautiful art on Pinterest.

Pear Fleur

The author of these videos is from California, but she is currently studying architecture in New York. Pear Fleur is the perfect YouTube channel for those who want to learn some elegant crafting techniques. On these videos, you can see the whole creative process, from the first sketch to the outcome. You will find drawing tutorials, but also watercolor tips and crafting ideas.  If you like this author’s work, you can follow her on Instagram and support her on her Ko-Fi.

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