10 YouTube channels to learn how to paint at home

10 YouTube channels to learn how to paint at home main article image
Posted on March 20, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Yesterday, we published a selection of  10 YouTube channels to learn how to draw at home. During our research, we also discovered some amazing artists that can teach you how to paint once you have learned how to draw.

In today’s post, we want to introduce them to you. We have curated a selection of 10 YouTube accounts where you can learn how to draw. Their videos are also super relaxing to watch. If you already have drawing supplies, this is the moment to use them! Press play and see which option works best for you. Enjoy!

Suraj Fine Arts

Suraj Patel is an Indian abstract artist. His channel is the best place for acrylic beginners to get inspired. He records himself, drawing very straightforward acrylic compositions. These tutorials are simple to follow and so relaxing! All the videos have classical music as a background, which makes watching them an enjoyable experience. You can also follow this artist on Instagram to stay up to date with his latest creations.


These two Canadian sisters love to paint. On their YouTube channel, you will find a lot of tutorials to create your scenes and landscapes. They always include beautiful background sounds, so the videos are relaxing and comfortable to watch. Their art is both elaborated and beginner-friendly. If you’d like to support these creators, you can also visit their Etsy store. There, you’ll find non-toxic and eco-friendly handmade watercolors.

Alpay Efe

This professional painter who lives in Germany. On his YouTube channel, you can find videos that portrait his creative process. If you take his advice and follow his steps, you will improve the quality of your paintings a lot. It is essential to notice that his videos can be a bit complex for beginners. If you have some practice, these tutorials will help you take your paintings to the next level. If you like this artist’s work and you’d like to support him, you can donate his Patreon.

Rahul Tanwar

Rahul Tanwar is an Indian artist who lives in New Delhi. His purpose is to develop paintings that speak about beauty to him and others. Rahul works with graphite, colored pencils, soft pastel, and watercolor. He uploads arts and speed drawings once or twice a week. If you like this artist’s work, you can follow his steps on his Instagram and his Facebook.


Mako lives in Germany. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find videos about drawing, watercolor, gouache, and acrylics. She also likes to share her tips and tricks and some thoughts about her life as an artist. Her purpose is to help people to get better art and feel confident to express themselves. If you subscribe to her YouTube channel, you’ll have new videos every week. You can also find free resources on her website.

Coco Bee Art

Coco Bee lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a psychologist that discovered art as the perfect complement to her clinical career. On her YouTube channel, you will find straightforward tutorials to start painting today. Her explanations are sincere, and the outcome is always beautiful. If you want to learn more about this artist, you can visit her website. If you support her at Patreon, you’ll have access to extra content.

Witty Gritty Studio

The author of this YouTube channel is Meredith, watercolor artist and lead designer from The Witty Gritty Paper Co, a stationery design company from Buffalo, NY. Her goal with this project is to bring together the best of her learnings. She wants to create a concise, personable, and experimental approach to painting. Her channel has a lot of videos with exercises to develop your watercolor technique. You can also visit her store on this website, and follow her adventures on Instagram.

Creations CeeCee

CeeCee is a Canadian artist specialized in watercolor.  On this YouTube channel, you can find simple instructions to learn how to paint from scratch. Her videos have beautiful music on the background, and there is always a list of supplies needed on the description. You can get access to exclusive content by supporting this artist on her Patreon. Check her account and learn more about the rewards you can get.

Jay Lee Painting

Jay Lee’s artwork is all about botanical and floral elements. Her YouTube channel is the perfect place to learn different techniques to represent Nature. Her tutorials are beginner-friendly and so relaxing to watch. Just as most of the artists we have featured on this post, Jay Lee has a Patreon. If you like her creations and you would like to have access to extra content, you can support her donating.

Noelle Curtis Art

Noelle lives in the United States. On her YouTube channel, you can find professional watercolor studies. If you want to learn how to paint specific elements, her videos are a must! Also, watching how she places the brush on the paper to create different aspects is so relaxing! Take a look at her tutorials if you want to have a deeper understanding of how watercolor works.


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