20 easy paper crafts for kids

20 easy paper crafts for kids main article image
Posted on March 17, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Are you searching for simple ideas to craft at home? We got you covered! For today’s post, we have selected 20 different paper crafting tutorials. They are inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.

All of these crafts take less than 10 minutes. You won’t need a lot of crafting supplies. Paper folding is an easy way to entertain children.  Just press play and follow the steps. We hope you have fun!

Easy origami turtle, by MP Easy Origami

Learn how to make tiny turtles in less than ten minutes. The only supplies you will need are two squared pieces of paper.

Origami ice cream cone, by Origami Tree

This little ice cream cone is so easy to make! You only need a squared piece of paper. Follow the steps on the video to turn it into a yummy craft.

Origami fish, by YTC Kids

Learn how to fold a squared piece of paper until it looks like a fish. It takes less than two minutes!

How to make an easy origami butterfly, by PPO

Grab a squared piece of paper and look at this video. Origami butterflies are super easy to make!

Emoji face changer, by Maison ZiZou

This craft is fun to make, and you can also play with it. You will need a yellow piece of paper and some markers to make it.

How to make a star, by cozyandwarm

You can make these cozy paper stars by yourself in less than five minutes! Take a look at this video.

Origami crown, by Origami OG

This tiny paper crown is simple to create! You can make as much as you want, it takes less than two minutes.

Origami rose, by Tatiana Frolova

This tutorial is a bit longer, but it is worthy! Learn how to turn a squared piece of paper into a beautiful rose.

Origami paper crab for beginners, by Craft Haven

Grab a squared piece of paper and some markers! You can have a funny paper crab in less than five minutes.

Fortune teller paper toy, by TUK Crafts

Say hi to an authentic 90´s classic! Watch this tutorial and learn how to make a fortune teller. You can play with it when you finish it!

Easy paper butterfly, by Red Ted Art

You will need two squared pieces of paper and some thread to hold them together. You can hang your butterflies together for extra fun!

Jumping frog, by How to Make

Grab a green piece of paper. If you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to make a frog that can jump!

Pretty paper dress, by Ezzy Crafts DIY

It takes less than four minutes to make a cute dress with paper. Watch this video and discover how!

Origami box with one piece of paper, by enjoy paper!

Although the author recommends using double-sided origami paper, you can make this box with any paper you have at home. Decorate your own paper before starting for extra fun!

Paper boat (it floats!), by Origami Arts and Crafts

Watch this video and learn how to turn a squared piece of paper into a boat that floats. The process is so simple!

Origami flower by Ventuno Art

This craft requires glue and five squared pieces of paper. Learn how to create every petal and paste them together. Easy!

Paper umbrella, by Crafting Hours

Grab some glue, two pieces of paper, and scissors. These small umbrellas are so simple to create.

Paper airplanes, by Paperfold Oriart

This craft is a bit more complicated, but the results are excellent. Follow these steps to create fantastic paper airplanes.

Easy origami Pikachu, by Noreva Projects

Creating your own Pikachu is so easy! Grab a yellow piece of paper and follow the steps.

Easy paper flower, by Kids Monster

Here you have a more detailed origami flower. Learn how to fill the petals with different pieces of paper.

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