5 crafting podcasts to get inspired at home

5 crafting podcasts to get inspired at home main article image
Posted on March 24, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

For today’s post, we have curated a list with our 5 favorite creative podcasts. No matter if you are into lettering, into creative business or into Print On Demand: we have a suggestion for you.

Podcasts are a free and entertaining way to learn new things every day. Check out these cool shows and find out new tips and tricks about your favorite crafting techniques.

Scrapbook Your Way

Jennifer Wilson hosts this fresh podcast. This crafter is the owner of Simple Scrapper,  a website that offers support and free resources for those who want to start learning about scrapbooking. On Jennifer’s podcast, you will find a lot of content about the creative side of life. The episodes are long (most of them last up to one hour), but they are insightful. You can learn a lot about planning, photography curation, and papercrafts. Give it a try; we think you will enjoy it!

Merch Money

Helen Kinson and Christina Sisson are two digital entrepreneurs that love Print on Demand. That is why they have developed Merch Money, a platform where everyone can learn about this business model. In every chapter, you will be able to find hands-on advice and insightful tips to start and run a POD business. Merch Money has a YouTube channel where they interview a different guest every week. You can find a new chapter every morning at 8 PM EST.

A Beautiful Mess

This popular crafting and lifestyle website has recently released a podcast. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman started broadcasting in November 2019. Before that, they have been running one of the most popular crafting blogs for 13 years. Follow them to find helpful chapters about crafting, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and family relationships. All the episodes last between half an hour and forty minutes, and they are funny and easy to follow. There is a section on their blog where you can find an article related to every chapter.

Stitchery Stories

This podcast is perfect for those who love embroidery. The host of these chapters is Susan Weeks, a British crafter that loves to speak with other people with her same hobby. If you like to create with needles and thread, Susan’s show is a must for you! The chapters are not very long, but they condensate all the information that you need about every topic. According to the host’s words, you will find inspiration, techniques, disasters, and delights.

Drunk on lettering

The hostesses of this podcast are Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog. These lettering lovers have created a show about the art of drawing with letters. Their chapters are sassy and fresh, but also really insightful. In their own words, the hostesses specialize in making their guests feel uncomfortable and asking pointless questions. If you give it a try, you will have a lot of fun!

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5 crafting podcasts to get inspired at home

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