Chalk-Painted Mason Jars for Your Cricut Tools

Chalk-Painted Mason Jars for Your Cricut Tools main article image
Posted on May 28, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

While many of us crafters like to experiment in a multitude of different practices, one thing that I am sure we can all relate to is that we all have a need for craft storage! This chalk-painted mason jar is absolutely perfect for Cricut tools and accessories, but you can easily customize it for paintbrushes, Sharpie markers, scissors, and so much more. Not only will you have fun making it, but it’s also a money-saving craft that helps to keep you organized! 

Supplies Needed

  • Mason jar (sizes vary depending on use)
  • Chalk paints (or make your own – recipe below)
  • Paintbrush
  • Foam Applicator
  • Varathane Diamond Wood Finish Satin Interior (or Mod Podge)
  • Twine 
  • Hot Glue (optional)
  • Small decal (optional)

Let’s Get Our Tools Organized!

Prepare the Jar

It’s important to choose the correct jar size for your needs. If your jar is too big, you might end up having to reach inside to get to your tools. If it’s too small, you may not have enough room to store everything. For my Cricut pens and markers, I am using a 500ml wide-mouth mason jar. I think this size is the perfect height, and the wide mouth allows me to fit more colors in.

Whichever size you decide to try, just make sure that the jar is clean and thoroughly dry before starting.

If you like, and if you have a smooth-side jar, you can create a stencil. You can also opt to add a decal as well, so if you do, go ahead and design, then cut your decal. Apply the stencil before painting your jar, and only apply the decal after you have painted and sealed it.

  • 🔔 A Note About Stencils: If you have a decorative jar like mine, I do not recommend using a stencil at all. The ridges of the design will not create a tight enough barrier against the paint, resulting in very messy lines.

My jar is not a smooth-sided jar, in fact, it’s very decorated with details, but my business name decal is small enough that it will adhere just fine. You are not limited by any means when it comes to decorating your tool jar – have some fun and get creative!

Apply the Chalk Paint

Main Color

To begin this project, you will need to decide which two colors of chalk paint you want to use for your tool jar. I decided to go with “patina” and “sheepskin” by FolkArt. Actually, I only had the sheepskin color on hand, so I made my own patina!

  • 📙 Chalk Paint Recipe: If you run out of chalk paints, you can easily make your own as long as you have matte acrylic paint. Don’t use any paints with a satin or glossy finish as this will not create that nice matte chalky look that you’re after. To make your own paint, start with this formula and simply increase/decrease to suit the amount that you need:
  • 2 parts acrylic paint in the desired color
  • 1 part calcium carbonate powder (I bought this one from Amazon)
  • 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of water (depending on how thick/thin you want it.

Mix the calcium carbonate with the water until dissolved and then add in the paint. Mix thoroughly until well blended – just mind the bubbles 😊

Store in a small jar or container.

Apply your main color to the entire jar first. For mine, I chose sheepskin as my “base” color. I suggest using a chalk paintbrush to apply the first coat, especially if you have a decorative mason jar like mine. It really helps to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Then to smooth it out, you can use a foam applicator. Your goal is to have a nice, even coat that covers all of the glass (except the bottom).

Don’t worry too much about brushstrokes at this point because you will be applying two to three coats anyway, so you can correct that later.

Once it’s dry, after about 1-2 hours, only use your foam applicator for all remaining coats. I was happy after 2 coats of the sheepskin color.

Secondary Color

Before you attempt to apply the secondary color, in my case the patina, you must wait at least 4-6 hours for the main color coats to finish drying and hardening. 

When it’s ready, take out your secondary color, or make it using the recipe above. 

The secondary color is where you get to have some fun with freehand painting!

You could opt to use a thin strip of masking tape as a guide for perfectly straight lines, but you will risk peeling off the paint when you remove it – besides…this is the perfect opportunity to practice some freehand paint designs!

If you are planning on wrapping the twine around the lines as I did, then don’t worry too much about perfection; they will be covered up anyway.

Don’t have any twine on hand? Not to worry! You can use a small paintbrush to create an “edge” or more intricate patterns.

With your foam applicator, paint your secondary color, roughly covering ⅓ of the jar from the bottom. Then repeat the same design at the top of the jar.

When the first coat is dry, apply one more coat of the contrasting color, but this time you don’t have to paint quite as close to the edge. Let it dry for 6-12 hours before sealing.

Seal and Decorate

Take out your Varathane Diamond Wood Satin Finish and a foam applicator. Dip the applicator into the sealant and wipe off any excess so that it’s not dripping. Gently brush it over the painted areas on the jar, then allow it to dry for at least 2 – 3 hours. This one coat of seal will help to protect the chalk paint from chipping, and from general wear and tear.

When it’s dry and ready for decoration, grab some twine and wrap it around the bottom line of the jar, ending with a pretty bow. Feel free to use a little hot glue to help the bow stay in place. Repeat for the rim and then add/glue on any other embellishments you might want on your brand new tool jar! 

Voila! While this one took a little extra time waiting for the coats of paint to dry, I think it was well worth the wait!

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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Chalk-Painted Mason Jars for Your Cricut Tools

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