Community creations: at home

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Posted on March 19, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

During these strange, difficult times, crafting has become a way of escape for many people. It allows us to entertain ourselves and relax.

We asked our community to share their most recent crafts on our Facebook page. We are so grateful to those who shared their artwork with us! Here is a selection of some of these heartwarming crafts. We hope you enjoy them!

A friend made of felt

I've been making strange little monsters out of felt. Michelle Gallagher.
“I’ve been making strange little monsters out of felt.” Michelle Gallagher.

Book Folding

Just finished making this book mobile.
“Just finished making this book mobile.” Danielle Vincent.

Three dates to remember

In these moments, time stood still. Silvana Jacobs
“In these moments, time stood still.” Silvana Jacobs

Template for new albums

Working on new templates and elements!
“Working on new templates and elements!” Annette Petit Coriale.

Cute blanket for toddlers

Holiday milestone blanket! Katie O'Donell Vicente
“Holiday milestone blanket!” Katie O’Donnell Vicente

Funny yellow badge

One of my recent makes, and a favourite. Kerrie Gomboc
“One of my recent makes, and a favorite.” Kerrie Gomboc

A special present for Dad

Personalised frames. Ioana Alexandra
“Personalized frames.” Ioana Alexandra

Personalization with vinyl

Sticking vinyl on anything that stands still. Julie Bailey
“Sticking vinyl on anything that stands still.” Julie Bailey

Words of wisdom in black and white

Coasters from tiles. Tash Jurmann.
“Coasters from tiles.” Tash Jurmann.

Multicolor sublimation

This Robot six colors HTV . Ramón Arroyo Sublimonchis
This Robot six colors HTV.” Ramón Arroyo Sublimonchis

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Community creations: at home

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