Crafting with Kids: Glitter-Dipped Mugs

Crafting with Kids: Glitter-Dipped Mugs main article image
Posted on May 20, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

My daughter absolutely loves wearing matching pajamas, and I will admit, I do too! So why not make a matching set of mugs to go hand-in-hand with a cozy Sunday morning? These mugs whip up easily, making it a perfect project for the kids to participate in, and they are really fun to make. Besides, who doesn’t love a little glitter? ✨

Supplies Needed

  • Glitter
  • Blank mugs (or use any mug you already own)
  • Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe 
  • Copy paper
  • Craft paintbrush & foam applicator
  • Electric tape
  • Protective table cover

Let’s Make Some Glitter Mugs!


Grab all of your supplies and create an organized work area on your crafting table. Doing so will help to ensure that you don’t forget any steps; and will also teach your little ones the importance of a functional workspace. 

Prepare the Mugs

The very first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean and dry your mugs. I like to clean mine using dish soap, then, once they’re dry, I give them a quick wipe down with an alcohol pad. This helps the glue adhere better, and also the vinyl if you choose to add a decal.

If you want to add a decal to your mugs, this can be done using either Cricut’s infusible ink (with compatible blanks) or permanent vinyl. This is a completely optional step, however, if you choose to use infusible ink, you will want to do that first, before moving on to the next steps.

I wanted to make this project as simple as possible to introduce my daughter to Mod Podge, so instead of a decal, I opted for only a glitter-dipped pattern.

Once your mugs are ready to go set them aside on your crafting table.

Creating Your Pattern

The term “glitter-dipped” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to literally dip the mug into the glitter – let’s face it, not many of us have that much glitter in one container! Instead,  “glitter-dipped” also refers to the effect of the mug looking as though it was dipped into a bowl of glitter. Of course, if you have so much glitter on hand to literally dip the mug into, then, by all means, dip away!

When deciding on a pattern for your mug, don’t feel limited to making only straight lines – you can also make zig-zags, curved stripes, or if you are especially crafty, you can create a stencil with Cricut! You will also need to decide on what color glitter you want to use. Again, don’t feel restricted; you can choose to create a two, three, four, or more color combination. You can even try for an ombre effect; there really are no limits! Just remember that both the glitter and Mod Podge are not food safe, so don’t apply any of it too close to the drink line that comes in contact with your mouth.

  • 🔔 A Note About Using Multiple Colors: If you do decide to use a variety of different colors, I recommend applying them each separately to ensure that you don’t accidentally get the wrong color on the wrong section. This will add a fair bit of extra time to creating this project, so keep that in mind if you are on a time crunch – or impatient like me! 

Once you and your child have decided on what kind of pattern you want to create, grab the glitter in your color choice and head over to your crafting table.

“Dipping” The Mugs

To begin, take your electrical tape and wrap it around the mug where you want the glitter to end. For example: If you want to have half of the mug glittered, then place the tape around the mug (and the handle) at the halfway point. The tape acts as a barrier, ensuring that you don’t get any glitter or glue on a section of the mug that you don’t want to “dip”. If you are creating patterns similar to what my daughter and I did, then simply create the pattern using your tape, slightly stretching it as you curve around the mug. I also like to add an extra line of tape to help keep the mug clean.

  • 👉 Tape Type: While you can use painter’s or masking tape, electrical tape is much easier to apply. Electrical tape can be stretched a lot more without tearing, which helps to achieve a straighter line when wrapping it around a curved surface.

Next, pour a small amount of the Mod Podge onto a paper plate (or palette). Take your foam applicator and brush on the glue in a very even coat. Once the glue is on, very generously shake your glitter onto the mug, over a piece of copy paper. 

Make sure that every part of the glued section is completely covered. Your child may need a little assistance with this part.

Next, take a clean paintbrush and carefully remove any excess glitter on the “clean” areas of your mug, avoiding the glitter/glue section. Allow to dry for around 2 hours, then brush the excess glitter off with the clean paintbrush. You can move on to the next step if you are satisfied with the coverage, or you can repeat the same process to create an additional glitter layer.

  • 👉 Clean up: Don’t worry if your mug looks like a big mess as you are applying the glitter, the glitter will only stick to the areas that you apply the glue. If you notice any little bits of glitter above your lines, scratch it off with your fingernails.

If you did a second layer, allow the mug to dry for another 2 hours, and once again, remove the excess with a clean paintbrush. 

Pick up your copy paper, creating a fold, and pour your glitter back into the container to save for another project.

Seal and Finish

Now all that’s left is to seal your glitter design! Brush the Dishwasher Mod Podge over the entire glitter section in a thin and even coat.

At this point, you can very carefully remove the tape while the seal is still wet, helping your child along the way. Go very slowly so that you don’t accidentally remove any of the glitter below the tape line. Allow to dry undisturbed for 24 hours and then move the mug to a location where it can cure for 28 days. After this time, your glitter-dipped mug will be ready for use and dishwasher safe!

I love the way our mugs turned out, but I will admit…my daughter wins this crafting session with her gorgeous teal, silver, and gold design!

Bring on the hot cocoa! ☕

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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Crafting with Kids: Glitter-Dipped Mugs
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