Create a Seasonal Wall clock with Creative Fabrica

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Posted on March 10, 2022 by Jan Hunter

This easy to create wall clock uses 2 files found at Creative Fabrica.  Choose pastels for Spring and an array of blues for Winter… bright colors for summer and earthy tones for fall. 

You’ll need the following files:

Wall Art 3D Tree SVG, Layered Tree

Clock Face Template 17

You’ll also need:

Electronic cutting machine and software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5)
Papers (if you scale the files to 7.927) you can cut using 8.5 x 11 sheets
Acetate for laser printers
Clock movement and hands (with hanger)
9 x 12 flat wrapped canvas (optional)
Small adhesive dots
laser printer (if you don’t have access, use vinyl and apply to the acetate)
Drill and bit that is the same diameter as the shaft on the clock movement

Let’s get started:

Download, unzip and open the layered trees file.  Import the SVG to the software.  Size as desired (our sample is sized at 7.297).  You’ll need 5 sheets of colored paper for each clock.   Mat each of the layers on a page in the software.  In layers 2 – 5, you’ll need to add a small circle the same diameter as the shaft of the movement.  Highlight both the circle and element, center vertically and horizontally.   The circle may land on one or more of the circles that you’ll be cutting.  That’s okay.  The next step is optional.  In SCAL select Path > Back minus front. Repeat for each of the remaining layers.

Using your machine, cut each of the layers and set them aside.

Download, unzip and open the clock face file.  Select the PNG image.  Import to the software.  Make sure the image is set to print and only the outer circle will cut.  You can check by clicking on Preview and noting where the cut lines are.  It may be necessary to add a shadow layer under the PNG – just set the size to the same as the image.  Change the color of the fill of the shadow to white. 

Following the software’s directions for Print and Cut, print the acetate with the clock face using the laser printer.  TIP:  Make sure that the acetate is compatible for use with the laser printer.  The toner should not smear and the heat from the printer should not damage the acetate.   There is no need to reverse the image when using a laser printer. Complete the print and cut process using the software and machine.  Set aside.

(If you don’t have access to a laser printer or acetate for the laser printer, you can choose to cut vinyl and apply it to the acetate.  You may want to use the SVG file and change a few details for ease in transferring to the acetate.  Cut the acetate circle before applying the vinyl.)

For the Canvas Mount:  Using the drill and drill bit, create a hole in the canvas.  The hole in the sample is centered and is about 5 inches down from the top.  Drill from either side of the canvas.  The hole will not be visible and will be covered by the movement in the back and the clock in the front.

NOW – Let’s go back to the pieces for the clock.  Stack the layers from 1 – 5.  Glue layer 1 to layer 2.  Glue layer 2 to layer 3 and so on.  Let the layers dry thoroughly.  If needed, flatten under a heavy book if you have any warping. 

Apply a mini glue dot to the dots at the XII, III, VI, IX marks on the back side of the clock face.  They will be almost invisible if centered under the dots as directed.  Align the holes and make sure that the bottom of the middle tree on the first layer is nearly centered under the VI and press the glue dots to layer one of the layered trees base you prepared earlier.

Next up is the clock movement assembly.

Glue the base movement to the back of the canvas with the E6000 glue.  The shaft should be exposed on the front of the canvas TIPsome movements have a washer that should be placed between the base and the back of the canvas – check assembly directions before gluing.  Let the glue dry before moving on to the rest of the assembly. 

To the front of the canvas, add the clock face, with the XII at the top and the VI at the bottom.  DO NOT GLUE the clock face to the canvas if you are making multiple faces as were created for this sample. 

These instructions are for the movement used: 
Add the nut to secure the shaft and the layered clock face in place.  Hand tighten.

Add the hour hand to the shaft.  It will be above the face as much as 3/8 of an inch.  Add the minute hand.  It should sit above the hour hand and should be able to turn freely without touching the hour hand and should click in place.   If you need to make an adjustment, you can usually bend/straighten the hands just a bit to ensure that there is adequate space between the hands, and they can move as intended. 

If your movement has a second hand, put that in place.  If your movement does not have a second hand, there may be a cover that you will put to cover the end of the shaft for a nice finish. 

Using the wheel on the back of the movement base, set the time and insert the battery. If you’ve inserted the battery earlier, that’s okay too.  

Shades of blue were used for a winter clock face.

Repeat the process of layering and adding the numbered face for additional clock faces that can be interchanged as the seasons change. 

To install a different clock face, remove the battery from the base.  Remove the hands, any nuts or washers.  Remove the clock face, replace it with the new face, and reinstall each of the hands, nuts and or washers as done previously.  Reset the time using the wheel on the back of the movement and add the battery. 

For more inspiration, check out the ideas shared on my author’s page or on my blog.  

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