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Creative Crafts That Require Minimal Supplies

Creative Crafts That Require Minimal Supplies main article image
Posted on February 12, 2022 by Zeldi Smulders

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by crafts because of the sheer amount of supplies they require? You’re not alone. Sometimes crafting can get a little carried away when it comes to everything you need for it, from tids and tads to bits and bobs. This article will be listing a few crafts that require minimal craft supplies to inspire those who wish to start a craft but don’t want to purchase a long list of craft supplies before they can get started. No more excuses about not having the right supplies and not wanting to buy said long list of new items. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be itching to start already!

Take note that even if you don’t need a lot of supplies for these types of crafts, it doesn’t mean they are limited or boring. It usually just means that you expand your projects and grow in this craft by developing your skills which means trying out new techniques with the same supplies as before, but using them in a different way!

Too many crafts supplies!

In this new age, many people are shifting towards a more minimalistic approach to life. We are getting rid of what we don’t need and trying to make the most of what we have. So, if we can get creative with no more than 3 items, then why not! Let’s get down to the basics of being creative.

You might have your own reasons why you don’t want to own a bunch of craft supplies. Maybe you do not have the space for it or you just don’t have the budget to acquire many items and keep them stocked. While fewer supplies don’t necessarily mean it will be cheap, it might be worth it to save up for one or two grander things, instead of a seemingly endless list of supplies you need to stock up on before you can start working on a project, which is the ultimate goal – you need to start doing what you love! In other cases, fewer items can mean spending less money. It really depends on the type of craft. Let’s not even get into the time that it takes to track everything down and restock them when they have been used up.

Here are a few ideas for crafts that require minimal craft supplies:

Paper Quilling

For this craft, all you will need is paper strips, adhesive, a quilling tool, and a surface like heavy cardstock. Thereafter, you have more than enough projects to take on and that’s when the real fun of developing your skill starts. Check out The Artistry’s quilling articles to get you going and to observe some of the endless possibilities!

Colourful examples of what can be made with paper quilling

Photo by Prince Abid on Unsplash

Kids Crafts

With kids crafts, each project might require only a few things like some string and an old cereal box or a paper plate and some paint. You don’t need a lot of supplies to keep kids entertained and stimulated. However, these crafts are not just for kids. You can have fun as a group of adults and use it to relax or as a teambuilding exercise. Think finger painting or folding figures!

Find more inspiration by reading some of The Artistry’s kids crafts articles and browsing through Creative Fabrica’s collection of kids crafts that can be printed and range from projects hat require cutting and sticking to dot-to-dot pictures.

Small child getting creative with blue paint on hand

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Colouring-in Crafts

Another goodie, colouring-in is a great example of getting creative with what may seem like a child’s activity. You only need a page with some outline of a picture, which is easily downloadable, and you have to choose your medium. You can use coloured pencils, crayons, paint, or whatever else makes a mark. Then you start using different tricks and techniques to make art. Try Creative Fabrica’s colouring pages for adults or colouring pages for kids. Even if you use the same design over and over again you can create something new and exciting each time!

An outline of a picture with coloured pencils

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Seasonal Crafts

Seasonal crafts are popular for a reason and that reason is that everybody likes to celebrate holidays by creating and sharing! Seasonal crafts can be a good place to start if you don’t want to invest in a lot of different items but consider this project a one-time thing – at least for the time being. The type of supplies you get usually already cater to your exact needs, meaning that you do not have to purchase extra items to modify them and make them work with the specific theme. This is also typically a once-off purchase that only occurs when a specific holiday is approaching and this means that you can keep things simple and only buy and use things as you need them.

Have a look at Creative Fabrica’s seasonal crafts with designs made specifically for each holiday or season:

Crafter busy working with a chicken design for an Easter project

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


Sure, cardmaking is not always basic, but it can be, depending on the type of look you want. You can create minimalistic cards, which are definitely worthwhile if you consider the negligible amount of time it takes to make them. This simply requires a design, a printer, and cardstock to print on. Find some inspiration and get the design-related supplies you need from Creative Fabrica’s collection of greeting card designs. Follow the tutorials on The Artistry’s card-making articles to see how to get from acquiring the design to finishing off the card.

A simple blue, black, red and white card announcing that someone is getting married

Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

Knitting or Crocheting

This classic hobby is also one that requires minimal supplies to start a fantastic project. All you need is wool, knitting or crochet needles, and a pattern. Heard of hand or arm knitting? That’s one less item that needs to be accounted for! You’ll find the patterns you need between Creative Fabrica’s knitting patterns and crochet patterns. If you visit The Artistry’s knitting articles and crochet articles you will see what crafters can make with wool, a needle, and a creative idea!

Person knitting with needles and light brown wool

Photo by Rebecca Grant on Unsplash

There is certainly more to add to this list, but this should’ve given you some inspiration. There is no time like the present – pick up one or two items and start getting creative today. Now, let’s hear it! What’s one of your creative hobbies that require minimal supplies?

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