DIY Homey Crafts That Can Save You Money

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Posted on December 16, 2021 by Zeldi Smulders

As many strive to make their homes as comfortable and welcoming as possible, the homey aesthetic is a well-loved art and can present itself in many forms. Taking care of the needs inside your home can be very fulfilling. Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive to upgrade or replace things in your home.

Everybody wants to know how they can save more money, while not compromising on the things that are important to them. This article will explore that conundrum. But, let’s take it up a notch. Why not have fun while saving money? You have heard of the positive effects crafting has on your mental health, but what about the financial benefits?

DIY crafts can make your living space feel so much homier and you can manage how much a project will cost you. This ties in with interior decorating and gives you an extra edge as you can also determine your own style and quality. Your home is only as comfortable as you are, so make sure you include some cosy crafts for yourself that you can use inside your home. During holidays or winter seasons, it is an ideal time to get cracking, but crafts at home shouldn’t be reserved for these times only!

Whether you wear it, use it in your own home, or give it as a gift, the types of craft items we will be discussing are always in demand. Rather than buying them (for a ridiculous amount of money sometimes) as you normally would, make them yourself and plan for future needs. You can even start selling your crafts and make a few extra bucks in that way. It starts with purchasing a few basic tools and learning some new skills, and then you’re off!

Some of the advantages of DIY crafting at home:

  • You can add a personal touch to the things you want. Instead of paying someone a hefty price to customize something for you, you can just make it yourself and be in charge of the outcome.
  • Creating a pennywise gift that’ll impress the person receiving it and make them feel special is easier than you think. With this gift, you can fill their lives with warmth and love, just as you are doing with your own home!
  • Making your house a home with a personal DIY touch is really fun. Your visitors and housemates won’t be able to deny the homey charm of your craft creations.
  • It is good to learn the skills needed to take care of your family’s needs when there is little money to spend on it. There’s always something that needs to be done, like someone who needs a new pair of socks or a pair of pants that needs to be hemmed, or a blanket that needs to be replaced, and the list goes on and on.
  • You can sell your products. People love a good homemade product and more often than not there is a thriving market for great craftsmanship. With enough practice, you can start making homey products at a professional level!

Find the homey craft that will save you money:

Sewing & Quilting

Starting with basic hand sewing skills, you can mend clothes and sew on buttons to make your clothes last longer. When you advance to a sewing machine you can start making your own clothes from scratch, or many of the other things you and your home need, like bags, pillows, curtains, placemats, napkins, and more!

Check out Creative Fabrica’s sewing patterns for everything from quick sew items to more advanced sewing projects. Look out for the different size options, recommendations for materials, and other handy tips. The step-by-step instructions can also help you adjust certain elements or add optional features to the sewing project. Best of all, you can use the pattern over and over again!

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A quilting project with many different coloured thread to choose fromPhoto by Dinh Pham on Unsplash

Have you tried quilting? Maybe you need a new bed cover, or you have a baby shower coming up. There are many reasons to try this out and the material you use doesn’t need to be very fancy or expensive. You can even use scraps of material from previously used items like shirts or sheets. Choose a simple pattern or challenge yourself with a more detailed design.

Browse Creative Fabrica’s quilt patterns to find ideas and everything you need to start, from cutting instructions to size adjustments. You can make it your own by choosing different materials or threads, and playing around with colours that match and contrast. One block or segment at a time, you can create a cherished gift or addition to your home that can keep someone warm.

A baby quilt can cost between $150 – $400 and hemming pants, skirts or dresses can cost between $10 – $45, while a sewing machine mostly costs under $500 and with minimal costs for thread, it presents you with the opportunity to do it yourself over and over again. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a machine you can sew by hand and of course, needles are not expensive at all.

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An embroidery project of a floral wreath design with thread and material next to it

Photo by Gio Gix on Unsplash

Cross Stitching, Needlework & Embroidery

As crafts like cross stitching, needlework, and embroidery involve decorating fabric (or other materials) by applying thread or yarn, it is a great opportunity to bring older clothes to life or brighten up a piece of material like a pillowcase. You simply need a needle and a few other small basic tools like fabric marking pens and scissors that will improve this precise craft, and then you are set. You can also invest in an embroidery machine to expand your options and work with more speed.

Discover Creative Fabrica’s embroidery designs and learn more about the size hoop you will need, or the number of colours used when you choose a design. You will also find some lovely free embroidery designs to try! Browse through Creative Fabrica’s cross stitch patterns for cute designs with options to start out easy and try new things as you progress.

Letting someone do embroidery work for you can cost between $2 – $50 for one piece, depending on the number of stitches your design needs, and it can come with a bunch of additional charges. While embroidery machines are quite expensive, you can go a long way without needing one if you have a needle and thread, and a good pattern to guide your way! A basic embroidery kit costs around $7 – $15.

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A woman busy with a knitting project made with yellow yarn

Photo by Ursula Castillo on Unsplash

Knitting & Crocheting

Knitting allows you to look and be cosy while making something cosy! Have a look at Creative Fabrica’s knitting patterns to find all things cosy and knitted – dolls, shawls, headbands, you name it! The patterns usually come with yarn recommendations and explain the techniques that will be used, and there is something for every skill level. You will also get guidance on the size of the needle or the weight of the yarn you need to use. Don’t want to buy knitting needles? Some patterns you can use to knit with your arms and fingers! When winter comes you will be glad for warm scarfs, beanies or socks made with love.

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Hooks and other crocheting tools on a table next to a crocheted blanket

 Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

Crocheting allows you to create beautiful textiles with many uses by simply using a crochet hook to create loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other material. Have a look at Creative Fabrica’s crochet patterns and discover very useful projects like slippers, baskets, and baby blankets. With the pattern, you will get more information on the size of the hook, the size of the final product, and other requirements, like stuffing.

If you buy a knitted scarf it can cost between $15 – $30, while for around the same price, you can get a knitting or crochet kit that includes different types of crochet hooks, different sized needles, and a variety of yarn in various colours that will open a door to many more projects than just a scarf.

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Cute yellow and black card project next to a photo of a baby

Photo by Mockaroon on Unsplash

Paper crafts

A card is something that is well-known in any household and is often requested. You might be the one giving or receiving, but it is always great to have it on display in a home. Don’t get stuck reading loads of mass-produced cards in the store, trying to find the perfect one. You’ll pay a pretty penny for it! If you choose to make your own card at home, you will not only save money but can also make unique cards that are customized for the recipient. For the price of a store-bought card, you can rather get craft items and start building your collection that’ll last for many more cards to come. Start by purchasing craft paper or blank pre-cut cards. Next, you will need basic craft items like inks, stamps, ribbons, and stickers. The same type of items can be used to create scrapbook and poster displays that can be used to decorate your home with memories or cool personalised designs. Making your own scrapbook layout or poster is a great way to add something creative to a wall while not having to pay a lot for expensive artwork.

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Heard about digital cards? It can go by many names, like a virtual card or an e-card. You can make use of design platforms like Canva and get all your digital products needs at Creative Fabrice. The recipient can view their cards on the computer or print them out. This is great for loved ones who live far away, and it is an even less expensive card-making option.

A single mass-produced greeting card can cost between $5 – $15, while a cardstock paper pack containing about 75 sheets is only around $7 and is the starting place for lots and lots of beautiful homemade cards.

Woman making a colourful homemade candle in a teacup

Photo by Kati Hoehl on Unsplash

Candle making

Burning a candle can make a normal room exude warmth and comfiness. This craft lets you make your own candles and therefore choose how you will scent it, what colour it should be, and in what way you will decorate it. You only need a few simple items like wax, wicks and fragrance oil, and some other basic things that you probably already have at home like a spatula and chopsticks.

A single scented candle can cost around $15 – $30, while a candle making kit is around $40 and can result in a whole collection of different scented candles made according to your preferences.

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A few more homey craft tips:

  • Make sure you are in it for the long haul before investing in craft items that you might not use ever again. Borrow craft tools from friends if you know it might just be a once-off project and you just want to try it out.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different crafts and try your hand at more than one of them. Sometimes you can use the same type of tools to do similar crafts. For example, you can use the same type of tools and materials for sewing as you use for quilling. The same applies for crafts like embroidery and cross stitching.
  • Try watching videos if you are not comfortable with a certain craft yet. It helps to see someone doing it instead of just reading about it. Try Creative Fabrica’s video classes to get a wide variety of teachers showing you the ropes!
  • You are not alone in your craft endeavours. Reach out to a crafting community to ask for advice and share your projects that resulted in a homey living space.
  • If you are not comfortable with a project and it is not something you would want to mess up, rather ask a professional to do it. In the meanwhile, you can continue practising until you get there.
  • If you get discouraged, try to look at these purchases as something that will benefit you and your household in the long term. You might not see a big difference in the first month, but it will quickly reveal its worth.

There are of course many more crafts you can make at home and the ones mentioned are merely some of the favourites. Discover more home crafts on Creative Fabrica and let us know which ones are your favourite homey DIY crafts.

Are your hands itching to get started? Find the craft that fits in with your lifestyle and home needs. Whether it is to save money, or simply wind down and have fun, DIY craft hobbies are well worth exploring. Your home will love the personal touch a DIY project brings. 

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DIY Homey Crafts That Can Save You Money

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