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DIY Mason Jar Coasters Using Printable Fabric

DIY Mason Jar Coasters Using Printable Fabric main article image
Posted on May 15, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Looking for a fun birthday, anniversary, or housewarming gift?   Upcycle the sealing ring and lid from a pint-sized mason jar into a personalized coaster using files and fonts from Creative Fabrica.  The options are unlimited!  To create this easy project, you’ll need the following files:

Butterflies Watercolor Bundle
Colorful and bright water-colored images

A Little Mixed Up (Font)
a fun and playful font

You’ll also need:
Printable fabric (Blumenthal Craft Photo Fabric – Silk Habotai)
Inkjet printer
1 Ring and lid for wide mouth mason canning jars (used ones are fine and add some additional charm) per coaster
Shelf liner or cork sheet
Low loft polyester quilt batting or cotton batting (optional)
hot glue gun and sticks
Liquid glue (Bearly Art)
SCAL 5 Pro or a photo editing program with type on path options
Scotchgard Fabric Crafts Water Shield (Waterproofs Fabric)
Quilting Thread (white)

To Start:

Download and unzip the files you plan to use.  Install the font according to your computer or tablet’s operating system.

Preparing your print: 

Open SCAL and using the software’s library, drag a circle to the mat and resize it to 4 inches.  This will be your “stitching” line.  Change the stroke color to gray.  It won’t show in the finished project.

Drag another circle to the mat, sizing to 3.5 inches.  Center this circle horizontally and vertically with the previous circle.

Import a .png from the Butterflies file.  Resize to approximately 3.25 inches wide.  TIP:  If the keep proportions box is checked, the height will be automatically resized as well.  Center the image in the circles and adjust the size if needed to fit within the 3.5 circle.

Set the image to Print 2 Cut Print

Drag a third circle on the mat.  Size to 3 inches in diameter.  Highlight the circle.  Right-click on the Text tool and click on Type on Path.  Select the font, A Little Mixed Up, size to .60.  Using your mouse or touchpad, click on the left side of the circle just above the halfway mark.  Use the space bar once and begin typing your sentiment.  The sentiment used for our samples is:  “be the reason someone smiles today”  Type “be the reason” and using the space bar, tap 2 times.  Continue typing the remaining words, leaving 2 spaces between today and be.  If the words overlap, click on the move tool and then return to the Text palette and change the size a bit more.  Center the type on the circle making additional adjustments as needed.  If you need to, fill the text with the desired color and change the stroke to none.  Set the text to Print 2 cut Print.

From the library, drag a heart to the mat.  Resize and change the color as desired.  We used a dark gray for both the fill and stroke.  Copy and paste a second heart on the mat.  Place in the spaces you created earlier when placing your text on the path.  Make sure those shapes are also set to Print 2 Cut Print.  Group the hearts and text.  Move and center within the 3.5 circle.  You may need to resize to fit within that 3.5-inch circle.  Re-center if needed.  Once you’re satisfied with the placement, delete the 3.5 circle.  It’s no longer needed.

Repeat the above steps to complete additional images for printing.  Since these images are an overall 4 inches in diameter and the printable fabric is 8.5 x 11 inches, you can fit 2 images on the page, make sure you leave about an inch between the two images.

Printing and preparing your fabric for use:

The fabric sheets we used are mounted on paper.  Do not remove the fabric from the paper.  Print the fabric sheet(s) – No special settings are needed.  Use a plain paper setting (for up and over printers, feed with the fabric side down.  For straight through printers, feed with the fabric side up).

Let the fabric dry for at least 15 minutes, overnight is fine too.  Iron with a dry iron (make sure the steam setting is off).  Peel the paper off the back.  Rinse the fabric under lukewarm water for about 30 seconds or until the water runs clear (We didn’t have any bleeding or excess ink runoff).  Place the wet fabric on a towel and air dry (about 30 minutes).  You can smooth any wrinkles with a dry iron if needed.

Once dry, the next step is to spray the fabric with the Scotchgard following the manufacturer’s directions – in a WELL-VENTILATED area.  Let dry.  The image colors may intensify or darken slightly.

Trim the fabric images leaving an additional ½ inch seam allowance.

Using a doubled length of thread in a sewing needle, make running stitches following the line of the 4-inch circle.  Set aside while you prepare the coaster bases.

Assembling the Coaster:

Cut a circle from the shelf liner the same size as the outside diameter lid.  This will be placed on the bottom of the screw ring.  Hot glue in place.  The ring will keep things from sliding on glassy or uneven surface.  (It will not prevent an overfilled glass from spilling)

Cut a piece of batting the same size as the lid (the flat piece).  Glue to the lid using liquid glue.  The batting should not extend beyond the edges of the lid when pressed flat.  If it does, trim.

Place the lid with the batting facing the wrong side of the printed fabric, on the fabric.  Pull the stitches tight being careful not to break the thread.  Once the fabric is snugly fitted on the lid, tie off the thread.

For a little extra security, you can glue the fabric to the back of the lid, we chose not to for our project.

Place the lid in the ring with the fabric side facing up.  There will be a lip that will keep your mason jar or soda can within the ring.

We hope you have enjoyed this project and if you create your own fabric-covered coasters, we’d love to see your makes!  Be sure to tag #creativefabrica and #nurtureyrheart in your social media posts.

For more inspiration, visit Jan’s page here or her blog.

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