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Easy face painting techniques to entertain kids

Learn the basics of face painting. It's a lot of fun!

Easy face painting tutorials to entertain kids

Face painting is a great activity! It allows you to develop your creativity while entertaining other people. Also, it works really well with kids. They love to look like their favorite animals and characters!

For today’s post, we have made a selection of our favorite face painting tutorials. You can check the authors’ channels to find out more material to practice this cool activity.

Before you start, you should test the skin’s reaction to the paint you are going to use. The best practice is to apply a bit in a small spot of the skin and wait 24 hours. If there is no sign of allergy or irritation, you can go on!

1-2-3 Kitty: Super Fast Face Painting, by Silly Heather

Silly Heather’s YouTube channel is full of funny videos with the best face painting tips. To replicate this cute kitty make-up, you will need pink and black paint. Glitter is a plus!

Over the Rainbow, by Fairy Fox Design

The goal of this YouTube channel is to empower artists to find joy in face painting. This exciting tutorial is just an example of the fantastic ideas you can find in their videos.

Easy Cheetah Face Paint, by Radiant Art Inspirations

Animal masks are a must for any face painting session. Kids love them, and they look adorable. This Cheetah tutorial is a great place to start learning how to make your loved ones look savage.

Amazing Spider-Man, by International Face Painting School

If your kid likes Spiderman, this tutorial is for you! Follow these simple instructions and learn how to make people look like Peter Parker’s alter ego. The results are amazing!

Snow Flake Princess, by Face Paint Forum

This tutorial is a must for Frozen lovers! By following these straightforward instructions, you can make your kids shine like Snow princesses. You will need to paint their faces in different shades of blue.

One-stroke Butterfly Face Painting, by Ashlea Henson

Isn’t this makeup cute? If you like it, you can learn to replicate it at home. You will only need to get one stroke and follow the instruction. We are sure you will turn your kids into the coolest butterflies ever!

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