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Easy sewing projects to create at home

Recycle old fabric by creating new clothes and crafts.

Easy sewing projects at home


In today’s post, we are featuring seven tutorials with easy sewing projects that you can repeat at home. For most of them, you can recycle old pieces of clothing and turn them into something new.

You won’t need to use any previous pattern. Just grab some cloth, scissors, needles, and your sewing machine. We hope you find these tutorials inspiring. Have fun!

Easy kimono DIY, by The Polkadotter


If you like this kimono, you can repeat it in just four steps. It’s easy! Watch the video and learn how to fold the fabric before you cut it. This project is perfect for beginners because there is no need to sew intricate features. You’ll just need to cut the fabric and sew the borders.

Refashion men’s shirt into puff sleeve dress, by Jess Dang


Watch this tutorial and learn how to create a new dress by recycling and older men’s shirt. It’s easier than it seems! Take the chance to transform some old clothes into brand new ones. This project is excellent for those who would like to have a more sustainable wardrobe.

Sewing projects to make in under 10 minutes, by Rosery Apparel


This video includes five different tutorials. In less than 10 minutes, you can learn how to create linen tea towels, scrunchies, a tote bag, pillowcases, and floral hankies. The author’s instructions are clear so that you can use the video as hands-on guidance.

DIY puffy, padded & braided headbands, by Arianna // the recreation


If you like headbands, this video is for you! Follow Arianna’s instructions and learn how to create three different models. You can craft them using upcycled materials, so there is no need to buy anything.

How to turn a T-shirt into a wrap shirt (or dress), by Micarah Tewers


This is another excellent upcycling project that you can try at home. This time, you’ll only need an old T-shirt. Follow the instructions on this tutorial and create a brand new piece of clothing. The process is simple and fun.

DIY tote bag for beginners, by abetweene

Here you have another tote bag tutorial. This design is entirely different, and it is perfect to create reusable bags to do groceries. Press play and learn how to do it yourself!

Transform an oversized pair of pants into a high waisted fit, by The essentials club

This tutorial will help you to give an old pair of big trousers, a new, fashionable look. The process can seem a bit complex, but it is straightforward! We hope you enjoy putting this idea into practice.



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