Easy ways to draw doodles

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Posted on April 9, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Doodling is a relaxing, creative activity. It allows you to chill and to focus your attention on small details. There is no need to learn complicated techniques; everyone can do it. It’s a simple and fun idea to entertain both kids and adults.

For today’s post, we have curated a list with tutorials that you can use to learn how to doodle. In every video, you will find all the instructions that you need to create unique, cute drawings. If you’d like to experiment with other drawing techniques, you can check the tutorials that we’ve featured on this other post. If you are searching for tutorials to learn how to paint, this one is for you. For today’s post, we’ll only focus on doodles!

Press play, follow the steps, and start practicing! The more you draw, the better your results will be. Good luck!

How to create food doodles


Food is one of the most natural categories to doodle. You just have to transform the aspect of different meals into simple lines and shapes. Get inspired by this tutorial, created by the fantastic Sara Zorel. You can either try to repeat her drawings or use her techniques to design new ones. These drawings are a great resource if you add menu trackers to your Bullet Journal.

Ideas for spring doodles


Spring is already here! If you need some ideas for easy seasonal drawings, this video is for you. Use it to learn how to draw simple plants, umbrellas, Spring apparel, and small leaves. The author behind this YouTube channel is Itsy Bitsy by Montira. If you like her work and you’d wish to get some extra content, you can support her in her Patreon.

How to draw flower doodles


To learn how to create small, beautiful flowers, we recommend you to check this video by Shayda Campbell. Shayda’s website is full of information that you can use to learn how to doodle. Follow her explanations to turn simple shapes into beautiful compositions. It’s easier than it seems! If you’d like to get extra learning materials, you can support this Canadian artist on her Patreon.

Title ideas for a bullet journal


Title doodles are an excellent alternative for those who want to decorate their journals without lettering. This video, created by Shraddha Shah, shows 35 different ideas to create cute, simple titles. You’ll just need a pen and a coloring marker. The technique is straightforward! Take a look and try to create your own. It’s so relaxing!

How to create face doodles


Facial expressions are a popular and straightforward doodle category! These little drawings are the perfect complement to any composition. With this video, created by PicCandle, you can learn how to draw 30 different expressions. You can use them just as an emoji, or as a complement to your drawn characters. Take a look and find your favorites.

Space doodle ideas


This tutorial was recorded using Procreate, but you can doodle these drawings on paper. Bujolate’s YouTube channel is full of doodle ideas that you can easily follow. These drawings are also an excellent resource for children, as they can color the space inside them with simple supplies, like crayons. It’s a fun way to create homemade coloring sheets.

We hope you’ve found inspiration on these ideas. Happy doodling!


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