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Free and fun learning resources for kids

Discover eight cool activities that children can do at home.


Free and fun learning resources to use with kids at home

If you are searching for fun, educative activities to do with your kids at home, keep reading. For today’s post, we have curated a selection of eight teaching resources that you can find on our site. They are fun, they are useful and they are completely free!

Download these files and read the instructions that you will find on the PDF before you start using them. There you will find information about the recommended ages for every activity. You’ll also find some advice to help your kids completing some of the challenges.

To use these graphics, you’ll just need a printer with black toner and some paper. If you have a tablet with a PDF editor, you can also use them there. We hope you find them useful. Have fun!

Easy exercises to practice writing skills


These sheets are useful for working with young children that are learning how to read and write. The tasks are quite simple, but they are challenging enough to keep kids motivated. By completing these activities, they can practice their letter recognition and vocabulary skills.

A fun activity to practice the alphabet


Free learning resources for kids.
This sheet is perfect for young kids that are learning to write letters. Find it here.


An exercise to practice spring vocabulary


Free learning resources for kids. Compound words exercise.
These sheets will help kids learn compound words about Spring. You can find them here.


A simple letter recognition game


Free learning resources for kids. Letter recognition exercise.
To complete this activity, your kids have to connect capitals and lowercase. Find it here.


Extra compound word activities


Free learning resources for kids. Compound words exercise.
This cute anchor chart will help kids understand how compound words work. Find it here.


Fun science activities

These exercises are perfect for those who want to practice math, physics, or biology in a fun way. You can use them to practice simple operations like subtraction, environmental observation, or research techniques.

Math operations and puzzles


Free learning resources for kids. Math exercise.
These sheets are perfect for practicing addition ad subtraction. You can find them here.


Templates for animal observations


Free learning resources for kids. Science exercise.
You can observe wildlife in real-time from home. You’ll need a webcam and these sheets.


A fun object recognition exercise


Free learning resources for kids. Science exercise.
The goal of this activity is to distinguish living things from non-living ones. Find the graphic here.


Physics activity for young kids


Free learning resources for kids. Science exercise.
This activity is about checking which objects float and which ones sink. You can find it here.

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