Fun exercises to improve your handwriting

Fun exercises to improve your handwriting main article image
Posted on May 28, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you’d like to learn how to improve your handwriting, this post is for you! Writing by hand is not as common as it used to be anymore, but it still reveals a lot about you and your personality. And, like any other crafting discipline, you can improve your technique by following the right steps and practicing!

For today’s post, we are only going to focus on practical handwriting. If you’d like to find exercises to improve your lettering, then you can check this other post. 


How to write neatly


This video, created by Charm, is a collection of tips that will help you write more neatly. Check these do’s and don’ts and incorporate them into your daily practice. Your handwriting will become more understandable and, therefore, more pleasant to the reader.

How to improve your cursive handwriting


In this tutorial, Julie Turrie explains how to draw a cursive version of every letter of the alphabet. You can learn to write fancy, Germanic characters both in uppercase and lowercase. This style is exquisite!

How to practice strokes


Our final letters are a combination of different strokes. Check this tutorial by The Magical Guide and learn how to manipulate the pen to get the best results. This is also a great exercise to practice manual agility.

How to master print handwriting


In this video by DorufaVSArt, you’ll find all the advice you need to develop a beautiful print handwriting style. Print handwriting is useful for those who have to write documents that others will read. It adds a clean, attractive aspect to any text.

How to write with a fountain pen


If you’d like to learn how to write using a traditional fountain pen, you should check this video by JPL. This tutorial is an ultimate guide with all the advice you need to start practicing with this tool. The results are amazing!


We hope you’ve found these suggestions inspiring. After getting good advice and inspiration, all you need is practice. Good luck with your handwriting training!

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