How to Create a Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Posted on November 21, 2021 by Jennifer Carroll

It’s almost here! My favorite holiday is coming. Oh, I know we’re all excited about Christmas, but I’m that girl that must have Thanksgiving first. I don’t necessarily decorate my home for the fall season, but I do try to set my table with the things that remind me of this thankful season.

Last year was the first time in the history of ever that I put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I only did it because we were going out of state, and I thought we might not have time. I was right because we came down with Covid and the whole household was sick the month of December. Christmas lasted forever! My tree was still up in February when my daughter announced that she and her two toddler sons were coming for a visit from Tennessee. Even though I was still fatigued from covid, I was super motivated to get Christmas put away! Two-year-olds are scary.

As this holiday season approaches, I have decided that I’m definitely sticking with my tradition of not decorating for Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving. So, this week I’m setting up my tablescape for our big thanksgiving day meal. It’s just going to be me and my husband and our 22-year-old son will come over for the day. So, nothing really fancy, just a simple acknowledgment of the holiday with all the traditional food.

How I gather my materials

Any time I change out my décor for the coming holiday or season, I start by shopping at my house. I have so many things I’ve collected or crafted and sometimes I just forget what all I have. I label my totes as I get them ready for my husband to put in the attic, but the items I buy throughout the year could be anywhere. Apparently, I can only be organized once a year.

For Thanksgiving, I use traditional fall colors. I like the new muted palette of colors that people are using but, traditional is what I have. I don’t need anything that screams fall, I’m just looking for colors that will work with the pieces I have that are obviously Fall décor pieces. As I was looking around, I spotted a beautiful bowl on my patio that I had intended to use as a planter. The color was perfect, so I decided to use it as my centerpiece. I bought a couple of bags of pinecones and fall-themed filler to pour in my bowl. I love the simplicity of this centerpiece and if I want to add a pillar candle, I can just nestle it in among the filler.

I have an old farmhouse window hanging above our kitchen table. It’s one of those things that can easily be changed out with each season. I just add a festive wreath that I make for various occasions. For Thanksgiving, I made a simple floral wreath with a wire wreath form. I use twine to hang it from the window. This farmhouse window was gifted to me and it’s one of my favorite décor pieces because it can be changed out so quickly.

I like to keep table settings out through the year. It’s just me and my husband, so two settings are something I can change with each season. For our tablescape this year I’m using a couple of charger plates that I got at my favorite thrift store. They’re gold so they can be used in my Christmas table setting too. I bought some beautiful rattan ones sometime this last year and if I find where I put them, I’ll let you know. My fall bowls and glasses came from The Dollar Tree. They always have dinnerware and glasses that correspond with the season. I’ve seen a lot of my DIYer friends embellish these plates with paint and give them a high-end look. I used solid-colored plates I found at the Dollar Tree. I like the more rustic orange and they go well with my would-be planter. I bought my table runner and the cloth napkins from Hobby Lobby. Seasonal items are half off right now, so if you need things for your fall décor collection, now is the time to buy them. Soon they’ll have a few aisles of fall décor on clearance, and I’ll be there to buy more stuff that I can put away for next year. I’ll tell you where I put my purchases and next year, you can remind me where that was!

To add a few extra embellishments to my table, I glued a burlap flower to my plain napkin rings. I like the addition of soft light to any tablescape. To keep things simple, I used a few jars that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. They were tinted in all the warm colors of autumn. I wanted to set a tealight in each of them, but I wanted the light to be higher. I solved my problem by pouring popcorn kernels to fill my jars about a third of the way up. My tea lights nestled right into the kernels and the color made my lights glow even softer. For Christmas, I do a similar thing with fresh cranberries. Decorating and keeping up with holiday and seasonal décor doesn’t have to be expensive!

I leave my tablescape up for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and we serve our meal from the peninsula in our kitchen. My style carries over to my serving dishes and I love that everything doesn’t have to be a coordinated set to create a beautiful presentation. Once you decide on a color scheme, just buy things that match that theme. Use a few patterns that repeat themselves in several elements choose solid colors that appear in those patterns. You can add texture by using greenery or florals like the flowers I added to my napkin rings.

I kept things simple this year, but I have a plan to remember where I hid all my fall décor totes for next year! Until then – Happy Crafting!

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How to Create a Thanksgiving Tablescape

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