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How to create paper flowers at home

How to create paper flowers at home main article image
Posted on April 7, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you want to learn how to create paper flowers with simple supplies, keep reading. In this post, we are featuring six tutorials that you can use as a guide for turning simple supplies into beautiful floral shapes.

To create these flowers, you’ll just need different types of paper that you already have at home. There are also some ideas that you can make with toilet paper or with tissues. If you are crafting with young children and you feel this could be complex, you can take a look at this post and find some other options.

Press play and get inspired by these original creations. We hope you have fun!

How to create a rose with toilet paper


This idea is simple but inspiring. Learn how to turn toilet paper into roses with this tutorial, created by DreamyPosy. Cut the material as seen on screen and wrap it until it takes the shape of a rose. After you’ve put the petals together, curl them, and paint them, so they get a more realistic look. The results are amazing!

How to make lavender flowers with paper


We’ve learned to create this colorful lavender bouquet with this tutorial from AsWorld. You’ll just need simple crafting supplies, like paper, glue, scissors, and a ruler. Learn how to cut the different layers of paper and join them together to create these cute flowers. It’s easier than it seems! You can use purple paper to pursue a more realistic look. If you prefer to have a colorful composition, choose a different type of paper for every flower. It’s up to you!

How to create round tissue paper flowers


Look at these fluffy, round paper flowers!  Aren’t they cute? If you want to create them yourself, take a look at this tutorial by Being Artistic. This project is easy to try at home. You’ll just need one-use face tissues. Fold them and join them together with a string. The process is straightforward, and the results are beautiful. Give it a try!

Paper daisy tutorial for home decor ideas


Daisies are lovely, aren’t they? Learn to create a paper version of these popular flowers with this tutorial by Colors Paper. If you like this type of easy origami tutorials, you should check the author’s YouTube channel. It is full of exciting projects that you can make with paper at home. The videos are perfect for entertaining both kids and adults.

How to create baby breath flowers with tissue


Here you have another project that you can create with tissues. It’s also an idea by DreamyPosy, and we just love it! Follow the steps and create your baby breath flowers. Once you create the first, you won’t be able to stop! Repeat the process as many times as you want and craft unique, sweet bouquets. Baby breath is the perfect complement for other flowers, no matter if they are real or you’ve crafted them with paper as well.


How to make a floral papercraft for school


The author of the last tutorial we are featuring today is World of art and craft.  These lovely, slim flowers are perfect for school projects. If you create them in different colors, the aspect of your bouquet will be completely different. The steps are easy to follow, and you can create as much as you want. Have fun!


We hope you find these projects inspiring. If you’d like to create paper flowers with your cutting machine, there is also an option for you. Check our Graphic 3D flowers library and find your next project. Happy crafting!


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Aida González Vázquez

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