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How to make playdough at home

Five different recipes that you can try with kids.

How to create playdough

Playdough is a great resource to entertain kids. It allows them to express their creativity by creating new figures and playing with them for hours. It also helps toddlers to train their hand ability.

If you don’t have industrial playdough at home, don’t worry. We got you covered! For today’s post, we are featuring five different videos that show you how to create dough at home. We have chosen two recipes for edible, homemade playdough. You’ll also find instructions to make slime, paper clay, and kinetic sand.

You can complete these projects with simple materials and ingredients that you already have at home. As there are some critical steps, like boiling, we recommend constant adult supervision.

Choose your favorite dough, press play, and get started. We hope you have fun!

How to make playdough with cinnamon


This tutorial is part of the Touch of Spice YouTube channel. Though here you’d typically find kitchen recipes, here’s a crafting project that you can create in your kitchen. This cinnamon playdough is not toxic, so you can give it to your kids without worrying. Follow the steps and learn how to create texture and add color to it.

How to make playdough with flour, water, and salt


For this recipe, you will just need simple ingredients. All the supplies you will use are edible so that you can involve children in the process. This tutorial is part of the Play-Doh Kitchen YouTube channel. Here, the famous commercial brand shares fun recipes to create playdough with kids at home. Take a look at their videos to get more ideas.

How to make paper clay


This paper clay recipe is super easy to make. If you follow the instructions on this video by Tree Craft Studio, the results will be amazing. You will need PVA Glue, paper mass, cornflour, salt, oil, vinegar, and baking flour. The process is longer than in other tutorials from this article, but it’s straightforward, and the results are excellent. Get ready to create your clay artwork!

How to make slime with hand soap


Slime is one of the most popular types of playdough. Kids love to twist it and play with its texture. With this tutorial, created by Slime DIY, you will learn a simple recipe to make slime at home. Follow the instructions and let the mix rest for a couple of days. The results will be amazing!

How to make kinetic sand


Kinetic sand is great to entertain toddlers. It has a very pleasing soft texture, and it allows them to experiment with size and shapes. Follow the steps on this video by SM ONE  and learn to create it at home. You will need detergent, watercolor, sand, and clear glue. The final texture is a bit hard to get, but it is 100% worth the effort.


We hope you have enjoyed this selection of tutorials. You can use a lower or higher amount of supplies to adjust the amount of dough that you need to create. Don’t forget to share this article to inspire others. Happy crafting!

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