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Jewel-Toned Summer Clock Face

Jewel-Toned Summer Clock Face main article image
Posted on June 24, 2022 by Jan Hunter

Back in February, we introduced you to our Winter and Spring clock faces. They’re interchangeable or you can make a separate clock for each season and just remove the battery from the works until the season returns the following year.

Once again, keeping the theme of seasons in mind we’ve used the Wall Art 3D Layered Tree file. You’ll find it here.

We also used this clock face:

You’ll also need:

  • Electronic cutting machine and associated software (Skycut C24 and SCAL 5 Pro)
  • Jewel-toned cardstock (American Cardstock – Tropical Collection)
  • Acetate for clock face (heat resistant)
  • Laser printer
  • Clock-making kit with hands and battery
  • Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue
  • Small glue dots
  • Scissors, craft knife (optional)

Download and unzip the files.  Open your cutting machine’s software.  Directions in this post are for SCAL 5 users.  You may need to do things differently if using a different cutting machine and software.

If you’ve previously created a clock face using these files, just open your saved file and decide which color will be used for each layer.

If you haven’t previously created a clock face using these files, open the file and drag and drop each of the layers on separate pages in the software.  Size each of the layers to 7.276 x 7.277.

Place a .375-inch circle centered both horizontally and vertically in each of the colored layers.

Open another page and drag and drop the clock face.  Size to the same dimension of 7.276 x 7.277.  Set the clock face to print.  Add a .375-inch circle to the center of this image.  Highlight the image and select Effects >Shadow Layer.  Set the shadow to Blackout and dimension to 0.00.

It’s important that the shadow follow the outline of the outer ring of the clock face.  Set the shadow color to white and the stroke to white or none.

This print should fit within the print area for an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of acetate.  Make sure that you have set your printer settings to the appropriate material if needed.  The laser printer used here did not require any special settings.

Using the directions within the software for Print + Cut Print, print the clock face using heat-resistant acetate for laser printers.

Place the print on a mat and cut, once again using the settings in your software.  The Skycut has a camera that reads each of the registration points for spot-on cutting.  Choose the correct settings for acetate for your machine.  We used Force 35 and speed 6.  Perfect cut once again. Remove the mat and set it aside.

Reset the cutting settings for the cardstock you’re using.  We used Force 70 and speed 6.  The slower speed is to allow for the many circular cuts within the piece and to make sure we get a clean cut.  Cut the remaining layers using your choice of colors.

Using the Bearly Art glue, stack the colored layers and glue.  Allow the glue to dry between layers.  Use a light touch to avoid any warping.  The fine tip applicator is the perfect choice for most projects where a thin line of glue works best.

Continue adding the final layers.  Once the layers are dry.  Center the clock face on the tree.  Make sure the XII is at the top and centered.  Using some small glue dots, attach the face to the layered piece at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 points.  You may need to add a couple more dots if your acetate was warped during the printing process.

Assemble the Clockwork

If your kit came with a hanger, place the hanger over the stem with the hook facing the back and it should be even with the back of the clock mechanism.  For the clockworks used in this project, there was a large black washer.  Slide that onto the stem.  It should rest against the hanger base. Slide the stem through the center hole of your layered clock face back to front.  The stem should not have too much movement within the hole but should be a fairly snug fit. If you need to trim out the circle because the fit is too tight, use a craft knife or small pair of scissors to enlarge the hole a bit.  Place the clock face back on the stem as previously directed.

Place the metal washer on the stem and then add the nut and tighten lightly.  This will hold your clock face in place.  This image was taken prior to adding the clock face to ensure the stem was slid into the hole and fit snugly.

Now place the clock hands on the stem.  Begin with the hour hand (the shortest of the hands).  It should click in place, but not freely spin.  Add the minute hand.  It will fit on the smaller part of the stem and should also click into place.  Make sure neither of the hands is bent or will impede the movement of the other.  Most second hands have a cap that clicks into the center of the stem.  Place the second hand and tap lightly to secure.  You don’t need any special tools to do this.  Generally, a light tap with your finger will have it working right.  Check again to make sure that the hands are not bent and will flow freely around the face of the clock.

Place the battery in the mechanism as directed making sure it’s facing in the correct position.  Set the time and you now have a lovely clock to hang on a wall or as shown in our example, on a canvas for easy access and the ability to change the faces.

To change out a face, just remove the hands, loosen and remove the nut and washer from the front.  Remove the face and insert another.

We’re looking forward to creating our fall version in a month or so.  With the heat setting in early this year, we’ll be welcoming the cooler fall air with big smiles!

For additional inspiration, visit Jan’s page here or her blog.

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