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Knitting for beginners: hand techniques

Learn how knit by using your arms and fingers!

Knitting for beginners: hand knitting techniques

Knitting is a method that allows you to create pieces of fabric or textile by manipulating yarn in a certain way. The most popular knitting technique involves needles, but you can also knit with machines or, directly, by hand. In this post, we are going to focus on hand knitting techniques.

Hand knitting crafts are chunky, cozy pieces with a very particular aesthetic. These crafts are not time-consuming at all! You can complete most of them in less than one hour. We have curated a selection with six different tutorials. Watch them and learn how to create a blanket, an endless scarf, or a homemade pillow. Most of these videos are about knitting, but some of them also use crochet techniques.  Grab some wool and press Play. We hope you have fun!

How to arm knit a blanket in 45 minutes, by Simply Maggie


Arm knitting a blanket is an excellent project for beginners! It allows you to practice the basic movements without having to worry about an intricate pattern. You just have to knit every row and join it to the next one! In this tutorial, you will find all the explanations you need to accomplish this task. If you like the author’s work, you can find more content about knitting on her website.

Arm knitting an infinity scarf in 30 minutes,  by Handimania


A scarf is a great project to continue your arm knitting journey! Just as it happens with the blanket, the pattern is simple. You just have to count every knot and complete all the rows together. On the video, you can see how to join both ends to generate a round shape for your infinity scarf. The result looks stunning!

How to hand knit a round pillow in 15 minutes or less, by BeCozi


With this video, you can learn how to create beautiful cushions to decorate your house. It’s so easy! This project is perfect for last-minute gifts. You won’t need to spend a lot of time knitting to get a fantastic result. If you like this tutorial, you should check the rest of the videos on BeCozi’s channel. Their website is also full of great ideas to create with wool and yarn!

How to make a chunky knit cushion, by OHHIO


This video shows how to make a pillowcase to customize your cushions. The process is more simple than it seems! You just need to concentrate and follow the instructions. The author’s YouTube channel is full of great ideas to craft with yarn. If you like the way they explain their projects, you can check their website and learn more about what they do.

How to finger knit, by Fiber Flux


This tutorial is a good explanation of how to use your fingers as knitting needles. It’s the perfect close up to understand all the moves you have to make. In less than eight minutes, you will see all the necessary steps. The author’s channel is full of great tutorials that can teach you the secrets of needlework. You can also check their website for further reference.

How to crochet a giant circular rug, by Expression Fiber Art


Follow the steps in this video to create a homemade rug. It is easy! The explanation takes less than ten minutes, and all the steps are straightforward. A handmade rug is a great gift idea, and it will look amazing in almost any space. You can learn more about Expression Fiber Arts on its YouTube channel and its website.

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